Hypnotherapy in Cheltenham

If you’ve got a problem in your life that you’ve tried to overcome but not succeeded, there’s a very good chance that a personal hypnosis session will help you.

Issues that hypnotherapy can help with include:

  • Fears & phobias: fears are part of our survival protection mechanism. Back in early evolutionary times they were part of what helped us to survive and thrive as a species. And that can still be the case – fear can stop us from doing something dumb. But there are also instances where fear can hold us back and hypnosis can help you overcome your phobia quickly. So whether it’s one of the “regular” fears such as flying, heights, etc or whether it’s a less common fear, hypnosis can help.
  • Self confidence & self esteem: it’s easy to dent your confidence and once part of your self confidence and self esteem has been chipped away it’s possible to fall into a downward spiral. You may not know you’re doing this until your confidence has dipped further than you can sort out on your own. A hypnosis session can help boost your self esteem fast.
  • Success management: most people would like to be more successful in life. Whether that’s a specific area (maybe work or a sport) or just life in general, success management hypnosis is a good way to get your mind on board and help it to focus on the success that you know you deserve.
  • Stress management: modern life can be stressful, There are so many pressures, so many things to do and not enough hours in the day to do them justice. If you don’t relax often enough (and that could just be a 10 minute break from the screen once in a while or it could be a deliberate relaxation session such as yoga or meditation) then the stress builds up. Some stress is useful but too much, too often, can cause all sorts of different problems. We all handle stress differently but if you think it’s building up too much, either find a way to relax more often or book a hypnosis session to help manage your stress.
  • Exam nerves: school seems to have turned into a never ending treadmill of exams. And there are usually more exams waiting after you leave, whether they’re at college, work, a driving test (which is an exam by a different name) and more. The calmer you are when you sit down to take an exam, the better. Obviously revision and practice are needed as well but they don’t help if you’re quivering with nerves when the actual exam begins. Hypnosis can help you get in the zone for your exams and help calm your nerves.
  • Weight loss hypnosis: almost two thirds of UK adults are classified as overweight or obese. It’s a major problem with our Western way of life and we’re not getting any slimmer. If you’ve identified a need for weight loss then I’ll tailor a hypnosis session precisely for your needs – whether you want to eat a low carb diet for the forseeable future, need to lose weight fast before an event like a holiday or a party, want to wean yourself off those late night refrigerator raids, be able to look a bar of chocolate in the eye without gaining pounds or any other reason you’ve got that means you need to get slimmer.
  • Healthy eating: we’ll talk initially to find out what your idea of healthy eating is (so we’re not at cross purposes because there are so many views on this). Then your hypnosis session will be precisely tailored to help you eat healthier more often and cope with the occasional lapse without the sky falling.
  • Health issues: a lot of our health is in our minds. It sounds odd and obviously there are times when you need to visit a doctor or a hospital. But a lot of lesser (but still very important) health issues can be helped with hypnosis. Even if you think that hypnotism is just a placebo (which is fine because placebos often work as well as the drug they’re being tested against and have even been known to give the same symptoms and side effects). If there’s an area of your health that you’d like to improve, chances are that hypnosis can help.
  • Addiction: whether it’s sugar, that extra glass of wine, tobacco, caffeine or anything else that we seem to manage to get ourselves addicted to, hypnosis can work with your subconscious mind to help you bring your addiction back under your control.
  • Fear of flying: this is often a combination of lots of different fears. You’re locked up in a small space (claustrophobia) in a cabin full of strangers and you’re higher off the ground than even the mightiest bird. Add in the fact that you’re not in control of the events that are taking place and it’s no wonder that people have a fear of flying. Hypnosis can work wonders – I had a report recently that someone I’d hypnotised to get over their phobia of flying had happily taken a flight from the UK to the far side of the USA and enjoyed themselves on board.
  • Relationship problems: relationships can be fragile and are easy to take for granted. Often it’s the small things not the bigger (often more easily forgiveable) things that mount up and break the back of a relationship. Hypnosis can help you stop doing some of those seemingly inconsequential things that have big consequences.
  • Relaxation: something a lot of us reserve for “later” but that time never comes. Even men are multitasking more often (or at least trying to) and the number of people who are on their phone while they’re walking around town (smartphone zombies) or watching a show is on the increase. Some theatres are thinking about installing laser pointers to show up their patrons who’d rather be on their phone than watch the play or concert. If you need to relax more often, hypnosis can help you make the time available and get yourself into a relaxed state so that you get some excellent and refreshing chill time.
  • Anger management: if you get riled by things too often, it could be worth getting help to manage your anger rather than let it manage you. Doing that should help you and the people around you who won’t have to suffer from your outbursts anywhere near as often.
  • Sports performance: there’s often very little difference between the winner and the runner up in individual events; team events are more collaborative but still rely on their team members. Sports performance hypnosis can help you to become more in the zone and perform better. Whether it’s slowing down that cricket ball and making it beach ball size (that’s what top players do in their mind) or rehearsing hitting every single hole in the 18 you’re about to play (Tiger Woods did that when his attention wasn’t being distracted in other matters) or any other aspect of sport, hypnosis can help you to perform better.
  • Social anxiety: if you feel awkward when you’re in a group of strangers – whether they’re just random strangers when you’re shopping or out and about or whether you’re in a room filled with people you don’t really know – then you may be suffering from social anxiety. Hypnosis can help you to deal with this rationally and even start to enjoy mixing with other people.
  • Depression and anxiety: depression can be difficult to deal with – for some people it’s with them almost all the time, for other people it comes and goes. Anxiety works the same way. If your condition gets too serious then obviously you’d speak to your doctor but if you need help getting to that stage or help reducing your dependency on the drugs that are often prescribed then it’s worth investigating a hypnotherapy session.
  • Be more assertive: if you’re always being used as a door mat by other people then it’s time to stand up for yourself more often! This can link in with low self confidence and self esteem issues. And it can be worth starting relatively gently unless you and the people you’re close to are ready for a radical change in a short space of time.
  • Fear of success: this is a bit like success management except instead of aiming for success you’re pushing it away. Fear of success can affect lots of areas of life and can be general (near enough everything you do) or specific (affecting a few areas of your life) but you can address those issues with hypnotism.
  • Drinking less alcohol: it’s recommended that we drink less alcohol than we’ve historically done as a nation. The guidelines vary (and you may prefer to follow the ones from a different country with different limits!) as does whether some types of alcohol (red wine for instance) are better than others. You’ll get a tailored hypnosis session that fits in with whatever you’re trying to do to cut down on your alcohol consumption.
  • Public speaking: whether it’s a short speech at a wedding, a presentation at work or anywhere else where you have to stand up in front of a group of other people, public speaking can be nerve racking. Even professional entertainers aren’t immune and they’re on stage more often than most of us. Relaxing can help, as can slowing down (even though you think you want to race through your speech to get over it) and rehearsing is important. All those factors and more can be covered in a hypnosis session to help you speak more confidently in public.
  • Sleep problems: if you’re finding it hard to get to sleep or difficult to wake up in the morning or are tossing and turning and getting a restless night’s sleep at best, you can get a better night’s sleep with the help of hypnosis.
  • And much more: if you think about something on a regular or even intermittent basis then there’s a good chance that hypnosis can help you deal with it better. Give me a call or drop me an email to find out more.

Personal hypnosis in Cheltenham

Cheltenham hypnotherapy, hypnosis and NLPWhether you need hypnosis to overcome a fear or phobia, dealing with grief, help managing pain, a boost in your confidence levels or hypnosis to help you overcome a habit, a personal hypnotherapy session could provide the solutions you have been looking for to help you move forward in your life.

I have been helping people overcome difficulties in their lives for many years and have been trained in both hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Most people start with a 30 minute hypnosis session.

We’ll have a chat at the start to find out exactly what you want from your session. Quite often this chat will uncover something that lies deeper than the issue you first called me about or that’s related to it in some way.

I’ll explain how the hypnosis session works. Don’t worry – you won’t be running round like a chicken or any of the other tricks that you’ve seen on TV and stage hypnosis. We’ll cover any questions you have. If you’d like to bring a friend or partner with you, that’s fine by me.

Hypnosis works – even if you think you can’t be hypnotised or have been told that by someone else. (If you’ve ever had a day dream then you’ve already managed to hypnotise yourself.)

To get you into a hypnotic trance, I’ll start by getting you to relax deeply – a lot of people find that this is the most relaxed they’ve been for years. Once you’re nicely relaxed and in a deep hypnotic trance, I’ll start to work on the problems we’ve identified.

This part of the hypnosis session is where the changes start to happen and it will be tailored to whatever we discussed at the start of the session. Naturally everything is kept confidential between us.

Most things your body does are on autopilot – you don’t tell your heart every time it needs to pump blood around your body, you don’t tell your lungs to breathe in new air and expel the used air, you don’t ask your eyelashes to grow. These things and many more “just happen”.

Your hypnosis session will work with your body on the things it’s been doing automatically that you’d rather it didn’t do.

Whether that’s blushing too often, eating too much, drinking too much, not taking enough exercise, being worried about what other people think about you, being afraid of spiders/heights/flying/bridges/etc or almost any other issue in your life, there’s an excellent chance that hypnosis can help.

I’ve also worked with people on illnesses.

Despite all the advances we’ve made in modern medicine, our bodies are often even better at curing themselves once they have a bit of help.

Think about it: if you’re unfortunate enough to break a leg, the hospital will put it back into place if needed and put a cast on it but your body will do the rest of the work of mending you. The same works with lots of other things. Persistent coughs – the ones you haven’t been able to shake for weeks – are a simple example. Migraine headaches, aches and pains, etc. Of course, you should also check with your doctor to see if there’s an underlying problem that’s causing any of these issues.

Habits are another thing that hypnosis works on nicely.

Not just the obvious habits like smoking or eating too much.

Other, less obtrusive, habits like teeth grinding or worrying too much can also be lessened with the help of hypnosis.

Most fears and habits rank on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is “doesn’t happen often” and 10 is “happens all the time”.

Whilst one hypnosis session may not take you all the way down from 10 to 1 on the scale, it starts chipping away at it. And when you get down to half way (which we’ll normally do in one session), your body will carry on reducing the problem without any extra help from you or me.

Part of your hypnosis session will include putting ideas into your mind for the future so that the ideas continue to work long after we’ve said goodbye to each other.

Email or call me now to find out more about hypnosis in Cheltenham.

My phone number is 07967 478272.

I’m flexible about appointments and can arrange them for evenings or weekends if needed, so you won’t need to take time off work for your personal hypnosis session.