Hypnotherapy in Cheltenham

If you’ve got a problem in your life that you’ve tried to overcome but not succeeded, there’s a very good chance that a personal hypnosis session will help you.

Issues that hypnotherapy can help with include:

Personal hypnosis in Cheltenham

Cheltenham hypnotherapy, hypnosis and NLPWhether you need hypnosis to overcome a fear or phobia, dealing with grief, help managing pain, a boost in your confidence levels or hypnosis to help you overcome a habit, a personal hypnotherapy session could provide the solutions you have been looking for to help you move forward in your life.

I have been helping people overcome difficulties in their lives for many years and have been trained in both hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Most people start with a 30 minute hypnosis session.

We’ll have a chat at the start to find out exactly what you want from your session. Quite often this chat will uncover something that lies deeper than the issue you first called me about or that’s related to it in some way.

I’ll explain how the hypnosis session works. Don’t worry – you won’t be running round like a chicken or any of the other tricks that you’ve seen on TV and stage hypnosis. We’ll cover any questions you have. If you’d like to bring a friend or partner with you, that’s fine by me.

Hypnosis works – even if you think you can’t be hypnotised or have been told that by someone else. (If you’ve ever had a day dream then you’ve already managed to hypnotise yourself.)

To get you into a hypnotic trance, I’ll start by getting you to relax deeply – a lot of people find that this is the most relaxed they’ve been for years. Once you’re nicely relaxed and in a deep hypnotic trance, I’ll start to work on the problems we’ve identified.

This part of the hypnosis session is where the changes start to happen and it will be tailored to whatever we discussed at the start of the session. Naturally everything is kept confidential between us.

Most things your body does are on autopilot – you don’t tell your heart every time it needs to pump blood around your body, you don’t tell your lungs to breathe in new air and expel the used air, you don’t ask your eyelashes to grow. These things and many more “just happen”.

Your hypnosis session will work with your body on the things it’s been doing automatically that you’d rather it didn’t do.

Whether that’s blushing too often, eating too much, drinking too much, not taking enough exercise, being worried about what other people think about you, being afraid of spiders/heights/flying/bridges/etc or almost any other issue in your life, there’s an excellent chance that hypnosis can help.

I’ve also worked with people on illnesses.

Despite all the advances we’ve made in modern medicine, our bodies are often even better at curing themselves once they have a bit of help.

Think about it: if you’re unfortunate enough to break a leg, the hospital will put it back into place if needed and put a cast on it but your body will do the rest of the work of mending you. The same works with lots of other things. Persistent coughs – the ones you haven’t been able to shake for weeks – are a simple example. Migraine headaches, aches and pains, etc. Of course, you should also check with your doctor to see if there’s an underlying problem that’s causing any of these issues.

Habits are another thing that hypnosis works on nicely.

Not just the obvious habits like smoking or eating too much.

Other, less obtrusive, habits like teeth grinding or worrying too much can also be lessened with the help of hypnosis.

Most fears and habits rank on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is “doesn’t happen often” and 10 is “happens all the time”.

Whilst one hypnosis session may not take you all the way down from 10 to 1 on the scale, it starts chipping away at it. And when you get down to half way (which we’ll normally do in one session), your body will carry on reducing the problem without any extra help from you or me.

Part of your hypnosis session will include putting ideas into your mind for the future so that the ideas continue to work long after we’ve said goodbye to each other.

Email or call me now to find out more about hypnosis in Cheltenham.

My phone number is 07967 478272.

I’m flexible about appointments and can arrange them for evenings or weekends if needed, so you won’t need to take time off work for your personal hypnosis session.