Waterfall Diet Diary Day 14

Day 14, Sunday 21st September

Weigh in on the new Tanita Scales: 12st 12.4lb (180.4lb or 82kg), 22% body fat.

Up a pound again – this is getting annoying! I don’t think I ate excessively yesterday and essentially I’m at around the same weight as I was at the end of the initial water fast. My friend isn’t dropping weight as fast as he’d like either so we’re both going to do another water fast from Monday to Wednesday before the week and a half before the 4 week test period starts.

The worry is that this kind of fluctuation could make the testing weeks awkward to interpret as I’ve got to put on several pounds for it to be conclusively water weight. My new scales do claim to measure water weight so maybe I’ll have to pay more attention to that figure.

Fruit for breakfast – grapes and a banana.

Sunday roast – same as last Sunday.

Evening: more fruit. Plus the celery drink.

We didn’t do our regular walk yesterday but managed to do one today so hopefully the exercise will keep our metabolism working OK.

I’ve probably not drunk as much water/herbal tea today as I should do but have probably had 6 or 7 glasses so not too far off. And still time for another glass or two before going to sleep.

Waterfall Diet Diary Day 13

Day 13, Saturday 20th September

Weigh in on the new Tanita Scales: 12st 11.4lb (179.4lb or 81.5kg), 22% body fat.

Slightly up (so is my friend) – which is a bit annoying as we’re both eating under 2,500 calories a day and this kind of fluctuation will make it harder to run the tests in the final four weeks.

Fairly lazy day today apart from watching a steam train with my friend and his one year old daughter. He took a video on his new iPhone but hasn’t yet worked out how to upload the slow motion side of it to YouTube – the slow motion plays on the iPhone fine. It’s probably one of those things that’s easy when you know how.

Breakfast of muesli with blueberries and soya milk.

Lunch: the other half of yesterday’s gaucamole with a tin of sardines (canned in oil, no added salt, drained) and a few tomatoes.

Evening meal: Stir fry. I thawed some frozen fish earlier in the day. Boiled some brown rice. While that was cooking, diced an onion, chopped a pepper, part thawed some green beans, squeezed a peeled clove of garlic, grated some ginger, chopped the thawed fish. Then once the rice had cooked I drained it and put it under a running cold tap so that it cooled quickly without the grains sticking together. Then fried all the vegetables in some olive oil in a wok, added the fish and some seasoning (I used about a teaspoon of some Thai red curry powder, about a tablespoon of some no-wheat soya sauce and some freshly grated pepper) then added the rice for the last couple of minutes.

It’s well worth preparing everything in advance for wok cooking as it cooks fast and there’s not really much time to do anything other than stir it.

Water & herbal tea during the day, celery juice in the evening.

Waterfall Diet Diary Day 12

Day 12, Friday 19th September

Weigh in: 12st 12.2lb (180.2lb or 81.9kg), 21.3% body fat.

Or on the new Tanita Scales: 12st 11lb (179lb or 81.4kg), 21.2% body fat.

I’ll use the two in parallel for another day or two.

Early start today as my friend decided he wanted a new Apple iPhone 6 so we drove down to Bristol at the crack of dawn so he could queue for a few hours to get it. Apple gave us water to drink in the queue and offered croissants, biscuits and sweets at various times. We accepted the water but turned down the other things.

Lunch: I’d had two avocados ripening and I used those to make a quick guacamole by scooping out the avocados, chopping up a small onion, mixing them together with some lemon juice, black pepper and Tabasco sauce. I divided it into two and will eat the second portion over the weekend. I opened a can of mackerel in oil – this one had no added salt but quite a few brands add salt so read the label – and drained it. A quick and colourful lunch, followed by an apple and some grapes.

Evening meal: frozen tuna steak wrapped in foil and sprinkled with black pepper, dried herbs and lemon juice and then cooked as per the instructions on the packet. At the same time as that was cooking, I sliced up a red pepper, cut it up and cooked it for the same time as the fish. I also made some home made potato wedges: cut a potato into 8 wedges, mix some paprika and olive oil together and coat the wedges. They take about 20-25 minutes in a fan oven set at 200C. Near the end of the cooking time I boiled some peas and served them with the juices from the cooked tuna rather than butter.

Less water today because of the car journey but still a reasonable amount.

And a glass of celery juice of course.

Weight loss at the moment isn’t spectacular but the main point of the waterfall diet is to find what is putting on water weight. Apart from that it’s essentially eating sensibly – subject to the various “no” items – with as little as possible prepared by someone else.

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Waterfall Diet Diary Day 11

Day 11, Thursday 18th September

Weigh in: 12st 12.4lb (180.4lb or 82kg), 23.4% body fat.

Down 0.2lb, always assuming the scales are right.

My early birthday present arrived today so tomorrow will be the Tanita scales. Yay!

The usual water/celery juice/herbal tea to drink.

And the usual walk – slower today as it’s been really muggy.

Breakfast: muesli with a fig chopped into it & soya milk.

Lunchtime snack of some no-salt, no wheat crackers with 100% peanut butter, followed by a banana.

We were in a rush today as I’ve been working on a new website and I needed to get a lot of sample data into it. And after the evening meal I needed to drive across to Cirencester to visit my mother who’s in hospital there.

So the evening meal was a repeat of the king prawn curry with rice. Start to finish: 25 minutes cooking including boiling the kettle to get the rice going fast (brown rice takes 20 – 25 minutes according to the packet so we’re going for 22 minutes).

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Waterfall Diet Diary Day 10

Day 10, Wednesday 17th September

Weigh in: 12st 12.6lb (180.6lb or 82.1kg), 24% body fat.

Weight gain again today but I strongly suspect my Salter scales – I moved them a few inches and got a range of anything from 12st 11.6lb right the way up to 13st 3.6lb. They’re going back to Argos very soon and I’ve been told today that I’m getting an early birthday present of some Tanita scales which should hopefully be much more reliable (thanks John!).

As usual, lots of water and herbal tea. Plus the evening celery juice.

Breakfast: muesli with blueberries and goats milk (last day for that as use by date runs out, soy milk from tomorrow).

Today’s walk was brisker: my friend managed it in just over 30 minutes, I took longer at just over 34 minutes but was still down a minute on yesterday’s time.

A few peanuts as a lunch time snack.

Evening: leftover turkey, lettuce and some no yeast, no salt, rye bread with soy spread. Not the most exciting meal but it was OK. An apple afterwards.


Waterfall Diet Diary Day 9

Day 9, Tuesday 16th September

Weigh in: 12st 11.6lb (179.6lb or 81.6kg), 23% body fat.

Nicely down 2.4lb, fat percentage down a bit as well.

So it’s not corn that’s the culprit – would have been odd if both myself and my friend were intolerant to it but need to check.Maybe it was still our bodies adjusting after the water fast.

We’re also wondering if there’s a delay in the weight gain – that wouldn’t be totally surprising – in which case tomorrow is the same gap after king prawns as the previous time.

Today: another 5:2 style fast day so lots of water & herbal tea, celery drink in the evening. Another walk in the day: getting slightly faster and we’re both noticing we’re a lot less out of breath at the top of the hill.

Evening meal: roast chicken seasoned with pepper, mashed potatoes (just potatoes, no liquid added), vegetables, onion gravy made with the chicken juices after separating out the fat and vegetable water and thickened with cornflour.