Anxiety Hypnosis

Anxiety takes many shapes and forms.

Sometimes it’s just a nagging doubt somewhere.

Other times it’s a reaction that is something close to a panic attack.

Other times it’s somewhere inbetween.

No matter how your anxiety shows itself, it’s not something you should be living with!

Hypnosis can help relieve your anxiety – it works deep down (so it’s working at the same level as your anxiety) and can help change the way you react so that you deal with anxiety better and so that – over time – it lessens.

Usually just one hypnosis session is enough to get you sorted out.

That’s because as well as regular hypnosis, I’ll weave in things from neuro linguistic programming (a fancy name for hypnosis that’s been supercharged) and will also use future pacing so that by the time your anxiety hypnosis session is over, you’ll already have imagined yourself as being free from your anxiety.

If you want, you can bring a friend along with you to your hypnosis appointment. That’s perfectly OK and often helps reassure people who have a hypnotherapy session.

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