Assertiveness Hypnosis: How to Become More Assertive

Sometimes when you need to assert yourself rather than just hide away.

Assertiveness hypnosis can help sort out the problem and get you more assertive so that you can stand up for yourself more often.

If you’re on the phone with someone, this can be as simple as standing up and clenching your fists (or at least the fist that isn’t holding the phone). Weird as it may seem, the change in posture will come through in your voice and help you come across as being more in charge.

Face to face meetings can seem more difficult at first but there are a few things you can do – with or without the help of hypnosis.

Start to learn to say no

That sounds really simple and uttering just one word isn’t the most complicated thing you’ll ever be asked to do.

But it can work wonders.

Instead of being used as a doormat, the people around you will start to respect you more and reduce the amount of times they pass something across to you just because they know you’ll always agree rather than stand up to them.

Speak up more often

If your natural instinct is to hide in a corner and never open your mouth this can be awkward at first. Mainly because you’re simply not used to it.

I find an easy way to learn how to speak up more often is to do it in a non-threatening environment.

For that, cashiers in shops are a perfect practice ground.

If you choose a shop a distance away from where you live, there’s no real potential embarrassment as you’ve never been there before and will likely never go back.

The other plus point with cashiers is that the amount of time you’ll be speaking is short so there’s less time for your nerves to kick in and start sabotaging you.

Then move on to small talk with other people you meet – the kind stuff you’ve almost certainly avoided until now in case your opinions and thoughts weren’t well received.

Keep moving up the ladder until you’re no longer afraid of your own shadow and can start using your new found confidence and assertiveness in other areas of your life.


Practice what you could say in a meeting where you’ll need to be more assertive otherwise you’ll come out the loser.

Speak your words out loud – there’s a world of difference between thinking words and hearing them come out of your mouth.

Do that several times over. Maybe a few times a day for a few days.

The first time you do this, you may sound meek and mild but as you keep practicing you’ll find that the words get louder and more fluent.

Get some assertiveness hypnosis

This could be the final piece of the jigsaw.

If you’re happy to keep things to yourself and stay relatively anonymous whilst you grow your assertiveness then get hold of a pack of assertiveness hypnosis MP3s.

You can listen to them over and over again – in the comfort and seclusion of your headphones if you want – and your assertiveness and confidence will grow.

If you’re near Cheltenham then it would be worth organising a personal hypnosis session that’s tailored to your precise needs.

Hypnosis works fast – usually just one session is all you need.

And it’s naturally totally discreet and confidential.

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