Waterfall Diet Diary Days 52 – 56

Day 56, Sunday 2nd November

Weigh in: 12st 12.4lb (180.4lb or 82kg), 21.1% body fat.

Yesterday was actually the end of the test and I ended at 12st 10.4lb which is 12.6lb lower than when I started.

The 2lb weight gain this morning could be for a number of reasons – I had bacon sandwiches for breakfast (i.e.  bread – wheat and yeast). And bacon has salt as one of it’s ingredients, so that could be some of the gain back as salt is a factor in water retention. Also I didn’t drink anywhere near enough fluid yesterday so that could be another factor.

During the week, yeast daily and my weight varied between 12st 10.4lb and 12st 10.8lb except Friday when it dropped to 12st 9.8lb. Essentially flat which means yeast isn’t an issue.

Daily menu – much the same as the previous week except for the addition of a hot drink made with no added salt yeast extract and boiling water. And most days some Brewer’s Yeast tablets when I remembered them.

This weekend we’re both adding in pork and adding back wheat, yeast and (for me at least) eggs in the mayo. Plus we both had a coffee (latte) with soya milk yesterday.

We’re also planning to do a 3 day coconut oil “fast” Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday with the idea of hitting anything else that’s still lurking in our systems.

Coconut oil is supposed to be excellent for that – it needs to be the extra virgin type for best results.

I’ve put the word “fast” in quote marks as we’ll actually be consuming almost 250 grams of coconut oil per day: 35 grams at approximately 2 hourly intervals starting at 7am and ending at 7pm. Calorie intake will be around 2,155 per day so we won’t exactly be starving.

I’ll update this diary once we’ve done that.

Waterfall Diet Diary Days 45 – 51

Day 51, Tuesday 28th October

Weigh in: 12st 10.8lb (178.8lb or 81.3kg), 21.9% body fat.

Down 0.2lb, fat percentage up 1.3% (but that varies quite a bit anyway).

Which means the egg test is fine.

Only yeast left to go!

My weight during the egg test was consistent – almost all the days were 12st 10.8lb with the exception of one day where it dropped to 12st 9.4lb.

Flatulence wasn’t a problem during the egg test week.

Thinking about it, historically we’d have found and eaten eggs for as long as there were birds laying them. So they’ll have been part of our diet for as long as we’ve been eating food. Whereas dairy and agriculture will be much newer additions to our diet.

Likewise, we’ll have been eating yeast for as long as we’ve been eating fruit – it’s the “bloom” on some fruit – so in theory it should be less of an issue to us.

This week will find out for me!

For the 5 test days, I had either scrambled or hard boiled eggs for breakfast.

The first 4 days I had home made unleavened bread with them – made from rye flour and water, kneaded together for what seemed like forever, then rolled out and cooked for a minute or so per side in a dry frying pan until it showed brown bubbles on each side.

I also had a hard boiled egg for lunch on the second day but was getting egged out after that so just had them for breakfast. Other lunches were nuts and dried fruit or non-wheat crispbread and peanut butter.

Once again, evening meals were close to previous weeks but this week no prawns were added.

We’re already thinking about what to test next if none of the 4 main likely culprits show up.

Or whether the 4 weeks of none of the possible problem foods gave our immune system enough of a reboot for the problem foods to no longer be a problem.

Waterfall Diet Diary Days 37 – 44

Day 44, Tuesday 21st October

Weigh in: 12st 11.0lb (179lb or 81.4kg), 20.6% body fat.

Up 1lb since I last reported on here but that figure is also the lowest I’ve been since the end of the wheat test and the completion of the dairy test.

Weight went up considerably during the first 2 days of the dairy test: it reached 12st 13lb on 15th October but there were two evening meals with prawns on the 13th and 14th which may account for some of the gain – I need to test prawns after the main experiment has finished.

Then slowly dropping to 12st 11lb on the morning of Saturday 18th and rising back to 12st 12.2lb yesterday (Monday) morning before dropping back 1.2lb to this morning’s weight.

Overall during the 5 days of dairy testing I put on 0.4lb.

Monitoring other things – mainly flatulence – both my friend and I noticed this increased during the wheat and the dairy weeks. Which strongly suggests that even if they’re not especially bad for us they’re not good either.

For the 5 test days I had milk with breakfast cereal, often with a glass of milk to follow.

On the first 2 days I had rye crackers with cheese for lunch. The other three days cereal and milk for lunch.

Evening meals as close to the previous week as possible except the leftover chicken curry was extended with prawns on both Monday and Tuesday.

Interestingly despite my weight being near enough the same during the first two weeks of the test, my belt is getting looser. It’s on the same notch (not quite loose enough to get onto the next one) but definitely looser.

Sometimes this diet causes me to investigate a bit more about the food we eat.

Dairy production is industrial. The average cow now produces 11,000 litres of milk per year – this is apparently double the amount they produced 30 years ago according to a recent issue of Private Eye.And between 6 & 7 times the production 100 years ago.

This American article has figures in gallons and a quick calculator check (remembering that a US gallon isn’t the same as one here in the UK) translates 8 gallons a day to 11,053 litres a year.

And the average cow is no longer out in a field happily munching grass most of the day.

Instead, they’re kept indoors in a stall, articially inseminated and pumped full of antibiotics.

Not as wholesome as we’d like to think.

There’s an article about it here including a picture of a dairy “farm” which to me looks a lot closer to a factory.

All of which explains why dairy is not as natural as we’d like to think. Yikes!


Waterfall Diet Diary Days 30 – 36

Day 36, Monday 13th October

Weigh in: 12st 10.0lb (178lb or 80.9kg), 21% body fat.

Up 0.8lb since I last reported on here.

Last week was busy so I didn’t get a chance to post daily but this was the wheat test week and my weight didn’t fluctuate much. It varied daily between 12st 8.2lb and 12st 9.6lb, then went up a pound on Sunday morning to 12st 10.6lb but that was after a non-wheat day.

So, along with my friend, wheat isn’t the culprit.

For the 5 test days, I had Shredded Wheat and soya milk plus some fruit for breakfast and lunch.

On the Monday, we had our regular leftover chicken curry but with wheat pasta.

Tuesday the leftover chicken curry again (lots of chicken left!) extended with prawns and, again, with wheat pasta.

Wednesday: roast chicken, mashed potato (just potato and pepper), peas and gravy. Two Matzos all-wheat crackers to keep the wheat test as high as possible.

Thursday: baked potato, tuna crunch (made with soya yogurt), two Matzos crackers.

Friday: a stir fry with brown rice, fish, onion, carrot, spring onions; three Matzos crackers.

Saturday: porridge with soya milk for breakfast; prawn Marie Rose (soya yogurt instead of mayo) with potato salad for lunch; baked sweet potato, frozen salmon fillet, onion and peas for evening meal.

Sunday: porridge with soya milk for breakfast; Sunday roast for lunch.

Dairy test starts today so cow’s milk with my cereal, probably some cheese later today, maybe some cow’s milk yogurt.

Waterfall Diet Diary Day 29

Day 29, Monday 6th October

Weigh in: 12st 9.2lb (177.2lb or 80.5kg), 20.3% body fat.

Up 1lb since I last reported on here and 0.8lb since Friday’s weigh in.

Meals were as planned before I went away despite helping look after 30 Scouts and watch them prepare all sorts of nice food such as bacon, sausages, egg and fried bread for breakfast; cheese, ham, mayo, crisps and more at lunch time; curry (or chicken stew) in the evening followed by apple or cherry pie. Not to mention coffee!

There were times when I was tempted but it would have been daft to throw away almost 4 weeks of following the Waterfall Diet this far. So I ate the food I’d prepared as planned and when I got back on Sunday, I had Sunday roast chicken with my friend.

Today is the first day of the wheat test.

Breakfast & lunch both consisted of Shredded Wheat, soya milk and fruit.

Evening meal was a curry made with the leftover chicken with my friend accompanied by wheat pasta. Not a normal curry option but it worked OK and made sure that we’re both fully testing wheat.

Plenty of water and fruit tea.

Tomorrow’s weigh in will give some idea as to whether wheat is the culprit although, even if it does for either of us, we’ll be testing wheat for at least one more day just in case it’s a fluke result.

Waterfall Diet Diary Day 25

Day 25, Thursday 2nd October

Weigh in: 12st 8.2lb (176.2lb or 80.1kg), 21.0% body fat.

Down 0.4lb after a relatively normal day’s food yesterday – I’m pleased about that.

It’s very nearly time for the wheat test – the first of the 4 tests starts on Monday.

A bit of walking around town today, probably an hour or so in total.

The usual water and herbal tea so I’m still keeping my fluid intake up.

Muesli, soya milk and banana for breakfast.

Lunch didn’t really happen.

Evening meal was a massive baked potato (about 500 grams) and we extended the leftover chicken curry from yesterday with some prawns and about half a can each of tomatoes and coconut milk plus some more curry powder. A very ample meal.

Tomorrow I’m driving down to the Forest of Dean – our Scouts are camping for the weekend.

Since the food won’t meet the requirements of this diet – there’ll be wheat, dairy, yeast and eggs involved – I’ll be making my own food and taking it with me.

The plan is to have breakfast (muesli again) and lunch (baked sweet potato, oven cooked fish, peas) here tomorrow and cook or prepare what I’ll be eating over the weekend.

The aim is to have:

  • Rice salad – brown rice, peas, sweetcorn, spring onion, probably some raw onion, pepper, maybe some other spice
  • Potato salad in a yogurt based sauce with some dried herbs
  • Buckwheat salad – much the same as the rice salad but with buckwheat which is apparently completely unrelated to wheat
  • Prawns in a yogurt based Marie Rose sauce
  • Tuna crunch – tuna, yogurt (again!), onion, spring onions
  • Coronation chicken – chicken, yogurt, curry powder, raisins and probably some turmeric to give it the yellow colour

I know this is based a lot on yogurt – which will be goats milk yogurt – but it makes for easy food to take with me rather than having to find a space for a pan for one person.

I’ll also be eating some fruit over the course of the weekend and if I feel peckish some nuts and dried fruit.

I’ll be taking along some herbal tea so that I don’t get tempted by coffee.

Next update is likely Sunday or Monday.

Waterfall Diet Diary Day 24

Day 24, Wednesday 1st October

Weigh in: 12st 8.6lb (176.6lb or 80.3kg), 21.2% body fat.

Weight down 0.2lb which is in the right direction although nothing spectacular.

Not long now until the first week of testing (wheat) begins. Just bought some Shredded Wheat, ready for breakfast from Monday. Almost got Weetabix but it’s got sugar (in various forms) and salt added so that rules it out.

A bit of walking around town, lots of water and herbal tea drunk.

Breakfast was muesli with soya milk and a banana chopped into it.

Some nuts and dried fruit for lunch.

Evening meal: brown rice, curry made with leftover chicken plus the usual onion, garlic, can of tomatoes, half a can of coconut milk and curry powder. Plenty for two with some left over.

Waterfall Diet Diary Day 23

Day 23, Tuesday 30th September

Weigh in: 12st 8.8lb (176.8lb or 80.4kg), 21.0% body fat.

Down 0.8lb after this week’s first 5:2 fast day.

Very soon now I’ll be testing wheat on the Waterfall Diet – should be interesting!

A walk on the hill again today, slightly out of breath in a couple of places as it’s been several days since our last one but generally OK.

You may have noticed I’m not drinking the celery juice daily any longer. Technically it’s part of the Waterfall Diet but in practice it’s more trouble than it’s worth from my point of view, mainly because I don’t much like cleaning the juicer after using it as it takes longer to do that than it does to use it.

The logic behind celery juice is that it’s a mild diueretic and that it helps break down “escaped protein particles” – whatever they are – but hopefully it won’t be a deal breaker on the diet.

Today was a 5:2 fast day.

Probably a bit over 600 calories today but not much.

We each had a 400 gram baked potato. Which sounds (and is) big but only counts for about 373 calories.

We also had a can of tuna each which adds another 178 calories.

That was turned into a tuna crunch by chopping in some red onion and some celery.

Then soya yogurt instead of mayonnaise and some grated black pepper.

Possibly surprisingly neither of us really noticed that this was made with yogurt not mayo.

Expect this to crop up on the meals eaten again!

Waterfall Diet Diary Day 22

Day 22, Monday 29th September

Weigh in: 12st 9.6lb (177.6lb or 80.7kg), 21.4% body fat.

Marginally up by 0.4lb today. Probably because I didn’t drink much liquid over the weekend.

My blood pressure still going down (126/81) – which means I’m nearly in the normal area for the first time in a very long time.

Today was a fast day along the lines of the 5:2 diet so we had king prawn curry and brown rice again.

Not much exercise – I’ve got some projects on which mean I’ve spent longer at my desk than I’d like to – just some walking around town but that probably totalled around an hour.

The first test – wheat – starts in a week’s time and we’re both looking forward to finding out what’s been causing water retention for both myself and my friend. We’re also hoping it will be the same culprit for both of us as that would make future eating plans easier but time will tell, this isn’t a process that can be rushed.