Waterfall Diet Diary Day 21

Day 21, Sunday 28th September

Weigh in: 12st 9.2lb (177.2lb or 80.5kg), 20.5% body fat.

Back down 1.4lb today so maybe stabilising after the water fast and then (fingers crossed) on a weight drop path.

Just over a week before the 4 weeks of testing starts so – at least in theory – in a little over 5 weeks time we should know what’s been causing the water weight gain.

Not much in the way of exercise today.

And probably less liquid (water and herbal tea) than I should have drunk – I still seem to fall into a different pattern at weekends on water drinking.

Breakfast: wheat free muesli, soya milk, some blueberries and a banana.

Lunch: Sunday roast again, courtesy of my friend. Very nice and completely free from everything we’re avoiding.

Evening: some grapes and some fruit & nut mix (Lidl mixed nuts, sultanas).

Tomorrow and Tuesday we’re aiming to be the fast days of the 5:2 diet so around 600 calories per day. Then it will be relatively normal eating before the first test week starts a week tomorrow.

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Waterfall Diet Diary Day 20

Day 20, Saturday 27th September

Weigh in: 12st 10.6lb (178.6lb or 81.2kg), 21.1% body fat.

So, eating normally again led to a weight gain of 1.8lb.

Not as big a rise as yesterday but still the wrong direction!

Today we were at a seminar most of the day.

Early start so I skipped breakfast.

Lunch was cooked chicken and salad followed by some fruit and a few nuts & dried fruit.

Evening meal: some more cooked chicken and salad the remainder of the fruit & nuts/fruit mix.

Not the most varied day for food but tasty and easy.

Not really anything else to report today.

Waterfall Diet Diary Day 19

Day 19, Friday 26th September

Weigh in: 12st 8.8lb (176.8lb or 80.4kg), 21.1% body fat.

So, eating normally again led to a weight gain of 2.6lb.

I guess this means that there’s different water retention during a water fast than afterwards.

On the plus side, my blood pressure is a lot lower: 130/81 which I’m really happy about.

Normal eating again today:

Muesli with blueberries and a banana and soya milk.

A few nuts and some dried fruit as a snack during the day.

Main meal: brown rice stir fry with onion, garlic, red pepper, peas, chicken. Some spice (I used some no salt balti curry powder) and black pepper. A banana and some grapes for dessert.

No hill walk but I did about an hour of walking as my car needed some work done on it and the main dealer (it was that kind of work!) is about 30 minutes walk away.

Early start tomorrow as we’re at a seminar in Milton Keynes which is about 2 hours drive away. My friend is preparing the food we’ll be taking with us and I’ll be bringing along some fruit and some herbal teas.


Waterfall Diet Diary Day 18

Day 18, Thursday 25th September

Weigh in: 12st 6.2lb (174.2lb or 79.2kg), 20.6% body fat.

Yesterday was the third day of the water fast and today’s weight was another 1.4lb drop.

Back to reasonably normal eating now until the first Waterfal Diet test starts a week Monday.

Breakfast: muesli with blueberries and a chopped up banana, soya milk.

Lunch was a snack of mixed nuts and dried fruit.

Not much exercise today – a kind of rest and recuperation day after the three day water fast.

Evening meal was turkey chilli but this time with baked potato (one each) and a baked sweet potato shared between us. It’s nice to be eating something that’s very close to a normal meal.

We’re both going to a seminar on Saturday so we’ll be making a packed lunch.

The diet works better on a “think ahead” basis and we tested our own Waterfall Diet version of Marie Rose sauce.

Instead of mayo – which is off limits due to the egg – and rather than using shop bought no-egg mayo – which has some odd ingredients and a fair amount of salt – we’re going to be making our own.

I remembered from one of my previous diet times that yogurt makes a reasonable substitute so we did a taste trial using two yogurts that were in the fridge: sheep’s yogurt and soya yogurt. A dollop of yogurt and a squirt of tomato puree, mixed together.

We couldn’t taste much difference between the two.

Neither is mayo based (obviously) and that does show up on the taste test but we both think that won’t be as much of an issue once the prawns are mixed in and we’ve squeezed some lemon over things.

Which is good because thinking ahead is definitely necessary when so many things are off limits.

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Waterfall Diet Diary Day 17

Day 17, Wedesday 24thSeptember

Weigh in: 12st 7.6lb (175.6lb or 79.8kg), 20.9% body fat.

Second day of second water fast and down another 1.4lb to my lowest since I started recording my weight in 2001.

There’s obviously still some water weight being got rid of – I couldn’t lose that amount of weight just by only drinking water.

Reasonably easy day – my friend has been feeling it more than me but we’re both more tired than normal. And the walk on the hill was a lot harder today – I was out of breath significantly earlier than normal.

There’s (literally) a nasty taste in my mouth and the roof of my mouth feels like it’s been lined with something upleasant. I’ve not got too close to anyone as I suspect my breath isn’t exactly pleasant either.

Fairly certain this is the state the Atkins Diet calls ketosis which means our bodies are using the fat they’ve stored up which is good.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s breakfast!

Waterfall Diet Diary Day 16

Day 16, Tuesday 23rd September

Weigh in: 12st 9.0lb (177.0lb or 80.5kg), 20.2% body fat.

A 3lb drop – that must have been more water weight but I’m happy with the first day’s water fast results!

Lots more water again today – lost count of the number of pints but it’s well above the 8 glasses a day suggestions. Probably close to double that.

Drinking lots of water helps the body to deal with toxins and wash them out. And by the number of times I’ve used the toilet today that seems very likely.

No hill walk but a fair bit of walking around town. Less strenuous but at least we got some exercise in.

Waterfall Diet Diary Day 15

Day 15, Monday 22nd September

Weigh in: 12st 12.0lb (180.0lb or 81.8kg), 21.7% body fat.

Down slightly which is good but not really much change since the water fast at the start of the experiment.

Today is the first of three days water fast, then it will be back to regular eating before the first test (wheat) starts in two weeks time.

A few stomach rumblings today but I’ve been drinking copious amounts of water. Also had a free peppermint tea at Waitrose thanks to their MyWaitrose card.

A 40 minute walk on the hill means I’m still getting exercise so that’s good – found it reasonably easy going despite the lack of calories today.

Not much else to report and I guess since there’s no food element the next couple of days will be similarly short entries but there’s a discipline in typing this daily and going public with the results rather than just reporting them to my friend.