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Stop Smoking Hypnosis: How to Quit Smoking

Hypnosis can help you stop smoking.

It’s fast and works better than willpower or patches.

If you can’t spare the time to visit a local hypnotist then you can download a set of MP3s that will help you stop smoking and they have a high success rate. But a personal session often works even better as it will address all the factors that keep you smoking that are unique to you.

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How to Overcome Social Anxiety with Hypnosis

Social anxiety affects us all at times.

Maybe it’s the room full of strangers.

Maybe it’s too many people in too small a space.

Maybe you just wind yourself up and become more and more anxious as a result.

Maybe there’s another reason that makes your social anxiety come to the forefront.

Whatever the reason, hypnosis can help overcome it.

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Assertiveness Hypnosis: How to Become More Assertive

Sometimes when you need to assert yourself rather than just hide away.

Assertiveness hypnosis can help sort out the problem and get you more assertive so that you can stand up for yourself more often.

If you’re on the phone with someone, this can be as simple as standing up and clenching your fists (or at least the fist that isn’t holding the phone). Weird as it may seem, the change in posture will come through in your voice and help you come across as being more in charge.

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Hypnosis for Fear of Bridges

Most of us take bridges for granted but if you’re unfortunate enough to suffer from a fear of bridges, hypnosis can help reduce or eliminate your fear.

Sure, some bridges are scary.

And if you wanted to reinforce your fear you could search out some pictures on the web to do just that.

But that would be counter productive!

Rather than adding excess miles to every trip you make, getting over your fear of bridges is a quick and viable solution.

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Hypnosis for Fear of Being Alone

We’re all alone occasionally but usually not for long.

For most of our life, there are other people around. Whether that’s at home, at school, at work or elsewhere in our lives.

But sometimes our circumstances change and we begin to develop a fear of being alone.

Sometimes that fear is justified – maybe you’re about to move out of home for the first time, maybe there’s been a change in your circumstances or maybe it’s just one of those annoying nagging doubts in the back of your mind that has a habit of making itself known at the wrong moment.

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Hypnosis for Fear of Flying: Overcome Your Flying Phobia

Flying is a convenient way to travel and it’s safe.

But that doesn’t stop people from having a fear of flying.

There are a lot of reasons that people are scared to fly and these can combine to generate an overwhelming phobia that means people would rather drive for hours on end or even miss an opportunity to travel altogether rather than get on a plane.

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