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Hypnosis for Depression and Anxiety

Anxiety and depression often go hand in hand, one leading to the other and reinforcing the negative feelings that are associated with both of these common issues.

Hypnosis can help you take back control of your life and rid yourself of depression and anxiety.

It may not be an overnight process but it can help to get you back to normal without resorting to artificial aids such as prescription drugs or alcohol.

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What to Expect in a Hypnosis Weight Loss Session

All hypnotists work slightly differently. We’re trained by different people (for me, that includes a course run by Paul McKenna) and then as we practice hypnotherapy our style evolves.

It’s important that you choose a hypnotherapist who works in alignment with your onjectives and your style.

Some people find that they can get 95% of the benefit from hypnosis for weight loss just by listening to an MP3 recording every now and then. If that’s something you can get away with, it’s far and away the cheapest and most convenient solution as you don’t need to book an appointment for a specific time on a specific day.

But in the real world a lot of people find that part of the weight loss conundrum is lack of will power and that includes making the time to listen to an MP3.

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Lose Weight by Eating Less and Drinking More Water

It stands to reason that in order to lose weight you need to eat less. As a quick rule of thumb, if you’re regularly putting more calories into your body than you’re using, your body will store the excess as fat and you’ll gain weight.

Those two sentences sum up nearly every weight loss program on the market.

Sure, they may dress up the information with all sorts of rules and regulations: no or low carbs, little or no sugar, not much (if any) fat, points counting, etc.

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Healthy Eating Habits to Lose Weight Naturally

Weight loss is one of those things that should be simple: eat less and eat healthier things. But for some reason it never works out quite as simple. Events conspire against you and the “just once” items become a regular part of your diet.

So what can you do to help reach your ideal weight?

One of the first things is to develop healthy eating habits.

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Hypnosis for Relaxation and Positive Thinking

It seems that we un-learn how to relax as we get older.

Relaxation was something that came to us perfectly naturally when we were very young.

But for older people it’s almost seen as a sign of weakness. Even though some of the greatest thinkers of recent times deliberately take time out from their day to relax and re-energise.

If you can spare ten minutes a day then treat yourself a hypnosis power nap MP3. It takes all the (perceived) hard work out of relaxing and will bring you back to the real world with a new found energy.

It’s a good first step on your way to becoming more relaxed and – as a side effect – more productive at the same time.

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Public Speaking Hypnosis to Help You Speak Confidently in Public

Public speaking is one of the top fears that people have. Whether it’s a presentation at work or in front of a larger audience, hypnosis can help.

There are lots of reasons for this – the worry of stalling and stuttering and generally getting things wrong, wondering what other people will think of you and lots of other thoughts that prey on your mind.

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How to Lose Weight in a Month

It’s awkward: it seems like you can put pounds onto your weight almost overnight but when you come to lose those pounds again it’s never as fast. Weight loss seems tilted in favour of gaining weight much more than losing it.

One of the reasons for that is historic. Until very recently, we never had access to a constant supply of food at almost every turning. So we adapted to conserve any excess calories and store them as fat in case our next meal was nowhere to be found.

That survival instinct has turned against us!

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