Conquering Fears and Phobias with the NLP Rewind Technique

The NLP rewind technique takes advantage of your mind to get rid of fears and phobias quickly and permanently.

It’s a posh name for a very simple idea.

Our minds learn how to do things.

Normally, that’s to our advantage – we know how a door “works” without having to re-learn how to open one every time we encounter a different colour or size door.

Plus all the other things we do instinctively.

The problem is that sometimes we learn the wrong things. And due to our survival instincts we often learn those wrong things very fast – after all, if our ancestors hadn’t figured out how to avoid being eaten by sabre tooth tigers and similar creatures, we wouldn’t be here today.

Some of the “wrong” things we learn are learned at an early age. They often manifest as fears and phobias

For instance, if you’re afraid of spiders there’s a good chance you learned that behaviour from your parents.

And fear of spiders is very real – they’re not all benign, which is why one episode of Peppa Pig was banned in Australia as they were worried that some of their children wouldn’t give their deadlier spiders a wide berth.

But you probably learned that fear when you were a youngster – maybe even before you really remember anything that happened in your life.

A lot of fears and phobias are like that. And the mind tools we have when we’re a 4 year old aren’t anywhere near as good as the mind tools we have later in life.

Which is where the NLP rewind technique comes in.

It’s a bit like taking a rubber to the pathways and shortcuts that we use – it literally erases them from your mind, causing you to re-learn the behaviour next time you need to. With the added benefit that your older and hopefully wiser this time round.

it’s called a rewind technique because you’ll be rewinding the memory associated with the fear or phobia – a bit like going backwards on your Sky box.

You’ll go backwards through the memory at faster and faster speeds – from the time you were scared back to the time when you didn’t know you should be scared – and playing a few other tricks on your mind to get rid of the fear.

The whole process takes as long to explain as it does to actually do. But the explanation is worth going through as it reassures the part of your mind that loves to worry!

So the first part of the NLP rewind session will be a longer explanation of the process and I’ll answer any questions you may have about it.

Then I’ll get you to relax and we’ll go through the rewind process as many times as needed until your fear or phobia is a distant memory.

This works well – when I was taught it, there were people who couldn’t even be in the same (very large) room as a spider or a snake and within about 10 or 15 minutes of applying this technique were actually right up close with their previous fear.

If you’re close to Cheltenham, you can book an NLP Rewind session with me in person.

If you’re further away, you can use this CD as a reasonable substitute.

Either way, you’ll soon be on your way to conquering your fears and phobias fast.