Healthy Eating Habits to Lose Weight Naturally

Weight loss is one of those things that should be simple: eat less and eat healthier things. But for some reason it never works out quite as simple. Events conspire against you and the “just once” items become a regular part of your diet.

So what can you do to help reach your ideal weight?

One of the first things is to develop healthy eating habits.

Check the labels

The ingredients lists are a giveaway on most products.

Generally, the less ingredients there are the better. And the closer the ingredients list looks like something you’d take whilst shopping in a chemisty lab, the more you should avoid the product.

It also seems to be an unwritten rule amongst food manufacturers that the worse the ingredients are for us, the harder they are to read: the print gets smaller and the colour contrast gets worse.

So if the label is too difficult to read in the bright lights of ther supermarket without a magnifying glass and a copy of PhotoShop, it’s best to leave the product on the shelf.

The same goes for products that have major ingredients that you wouldn’t have in your larder at home. I’ve yet to meet anyone who keeps ingredients such as hydrogenated vegetable oil or high fructose corn syrup in their kitchen – even assuming you could find them stocked in the first place.

Prepare your own food

Let’s face it, ready meals may taste nice (sometimes) but they’re a cop-out for cooking your own meals.

Cooked properly, a lot of food is actually fast food.

Carbohydrate foods like pasta and rice take about 10 minutes to cook once the kettle has boiled.

Stir fries – using water and a stock cube instead of oil – are quick and easy to prepare. Spices and colourful vegetables add variety without taking much cooking time.

With the right recipes, you can cook a tasty curry or bolognese in under half an hour.

Sure, that’s longer than it takes to microwave something from the fridge or freezer but if you’re a carnivore you’ll have more than 10% meat content and you’ll know what’s in your meal.

Consider cutting down on the fat

Government advice says this is important.

I’m not totally convinced as there have been studies that say it makes no difference to your weight loss or gain.

But historically our diets wouldn’t have included much fat – wild creatures are generally quite lean – so on balance it’s probably a good idea.

Allow yourself an occasional treat

Occasional doesn’t mean every meal and extra snacks!

It means occasional.

The logic behind this is that forbidden things are almost always more desirable, so allowing yourself an occasional indulgence keeps them within reach.

Get help

There are lots of support methods to keep you on your diet path.

Organised groups where you have a weekly weigh-in work for a lot of people.

Hypnosis is another option – it works in a subtler way than the almost cult-like groups and will help you to keep to the healthier food choices more often so that you can reach your target weight relatively easily.

If you’d like to use hypnosis, you can instantly download some excellent hypnosis weight loss MP3s here.

And if you’re close to Cheltenham, you can book a weight loss hypnosis appointment with me.