Hypnosis for Drinking Less Alcohol

Alcohol is nice to drink.

But too much of it has unpleasant side effects including the hangover. Not to mention the damage you’re doing to your liver if you drink too much. Or the things you say and do that you regret afterwards.

Hypnosis can help you drink less and still enjoy yourself.

There are various reasons we drink:

  • Sometimes it’s a social thing.
  • Other times it’s to relax and unwind after a long, hard, day.
  • Sometimes it’s just habit – something we’ve always done.
  • Or maybe some other reason that I’ve not covered.

And there are various reasons we drink too much.

Home measures are one of them – for spirits, they’re almost always bigger than a pub measure. For wine, it’s tempting to have another glass or finish the bottle because it will go off. With beer and cider, there’s usually another can or bottle in the fridge or that we can put in the freezer for half an hour to get it down to temperature.

Being in a round at the pub is another reason. Because we end up drinking at the pace of the fastest person in the round and don’t want to lose face by skipping a drink in the round as it either makes someone else’s round cheaper (and that would never do!) or makes us look like a cheapskate if we don’t buy ourselves a drink when we go up to the bar.

Then there’s habit.

If you always go out on a certain night or always have a bottle of wine between you when you go out to a meal with a partner or you simply head for the drinks cabinet the moment you get home then chances are that’s a lot to do with habit.

Habits aren’t easy to break.

It’s generally thought that we take between one and two months to get into a habit (self help books choose the lower end of that range, scientific studies seem to find the higher end). Which means it’s likely to take us at least the same length of time to break a habit.

Including drinking less alcohol.

There are a few things you can do to help you with drinking less.

If you’re in a pub and regularly drink spirits, just have the mixer every other round. If you go to the bar yourself, you’ll be the only person who knows. If you’re in a round it’s not uncommon for people to just dilute their drink every now and then. And as the night progresses most people won’t notice.

With beer and cider it’s do-able. The average alcohol level doesn’t vary much – usually around 4% to 5% (which is actually quite a lot!) – but the taste can change at the lower alcohol end.

Portion control is the key to this one: drinking a half instead of a pint isn’t often an option. But choosing a 330ml bottle is perfectly acceptable and means that if you’re pacing someone who’s drinking pints like they’re going out of fashion you’ll only be drinking just over half as much alcohol as they are. Which is a good result.

Wine has crept up in strength a lot. When I was younger, it was around 10%. Now it’s anywhere from 12% to 16% alcohol. A big jump.

New World wines are usually the biggest culprits with this.

Most menus make it easy to find the alcohol percentage and all bottles have to show it, so you can choose a lower alcohol percentage and usually still get a pleasant tasting wine.

Or you can ask for a spritzer – wine and soda water or a mixer. Very acceptable as a drink and you’re unlikely to be thought of as being different if you order it.

At home, it’s the size of the measures that is the biggest issue.

You’re highly unlikely to be measuring wine or spirits. You’ll just be pouring the drink.

Our eyes play tricks on us.

The size and shape of the glasses you use makes a lot of difference.

Tall thin glasses make you think you’re drinking more whereas in reality short fat glasses often hold more. Get out a measuring jug and then adjust what you use accordingly.

Of course, a lot of the time drinking less is a case of easier said than done.

Which is where hypnosis comes in to help.

You almost certainly already know what you’re doing “wrong”.

You’ve probably tried one or more of the ideas I’ve suggested.

Some might have worked for a while.

Others seemed a good idea in theory but for whatever reason didn’t work out in practice.

That’s your subconscious mind trying to be helpful.

Hypnosis can help adjust the way your subconscious mind works so that it’s working with you rather than against you.

It’s a lot better than trying to use willpower because willpower doesn’t work very often (otherwise we’d all be slim, next to no-one would smoke and you’d already be drinking less).

Usually a single hypnosis session with me can sort out the problem in an hour or less.

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