Hypnosis for Fear of Bridges

Most of us take bridges for granted but if you’re unfortunate enough to suffer from a fear of bridges, hypnosis can help reduce or eliminate your fear.

Sure, some bridges are scary.

And if you wanted to reinforce your fear you could search out some pictures on the web to do just that.

But that would be counter productive!

Rather than adding excess miles to every trip you make, getting over your fear of bridges is a quick and viable solution.

For some people, the fear may go back to childhood.

Trolls and other weird creatures live under bridges in quite a few childhood stories.

Whilst we know deep down that it’s only fiction, that doesn’t stop our fear of bridges manifesting itself and making you worried about crossing a bridge.

For others, it’s bridges that wobble (foot bridges tend to do that more than road ones most of the time). That can be made worse by “helpful” friends who rock the bridge from side to side once you’ve stepped foot on it. Then the worry of falling off the bridge starts to take over your mind and before you know it you’re unhappy with even the idea of crossing that bridge again.

A fear of heights also comes into play for a lot of people.

Because – by definition – bridges are crossing something.

And that “something” is deep.

Which means that fear of heights often contributes to your fear of bridges.

Whether your fear is mild – so maybe you just need someone to cross the bridge with you – or major – so you make a long detour rather than crossing a bridge – hypnosis can help and often eliminates the fear completely.

Precisely how we’ll do that for you depends on all the different factors that are making up your fear of bridges.

A personal appointment is far and away the best option (although a pre-recorded MP3 can work well for a lot of people).

When you come to an appointment, we’ll go through all the different things that make up your fear of bridges.

Individually they may not sound too worrying but combined they can turn you from someone who’s normally confident to someone who turns into a bag of nerves.

I’ll then put you into a hypnotic trance and work through the things so that they stop running your life for you.

It’s simple, works really well and normally gets your fear of bridges removed in just one session.

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