Hypnosis for Fear of Flying: Overcome Your Flying Phobia

Flying is a convenient way to travel and it’s safe.

But that doesn’t stop people from having a fear of flying.

There are a lot of reasons that people are scared to fly and these can combine to generate an overwhelming phobia that means people would rather drive for hours on end or even miss an opportunity to travel altogether rather than get on a plane.

Fear of flying is usually a combination of some or all of these factors:

  • Being in a confined space. By definition, an aircraft is quite confined. Lower costs with modern short haul flights mean that seats are crammed together and whilst you can walk down the aisle it’s usually only to use the toilet. And then you have to make your way past the crew who are trying to sell you things. So you’re stuck in your seat for most of the flight.
  • Not being in control. Deep down, a lot of us are control freaks. On a plane, the pilot is in charge and we have no input about what’s happening. There’s also no windscreen for passengers to look out of – just the restricted view from the cabin windows.
  • Lots of other people around. Most of us are reasonably sociable but on a plane you’re sitting with probably around 200 people, most of whom are strangers. It’s difficult to strike up a conversation with anyone who isn’t in your aisle and they may well not want to be chatted to throughout the flight. So there’s a social anxiety that adds to the other fears that come into play with flying.
  • Fear of heights. Now unless you look out of the window during take off or landing there’s not really much perspective of height inside the plane. But that doesn’t stop your mind from working overtime thinking about how high off the ground you are.
  • Ignoring the statistics. Even though flying is one of the safest forms of modern transport that doesn’t mean we ignore the media reports when a plane goes down. This doesn’t happen often – otherwise it wouldn’t make the news. In the same way that most traffic fatalities are rarely reported in the national media because they are all too common, if planes dropped out of the air as often as cars crash the event wouldn’t make the news. But because it’s rare, it does. And our minds then go into all sorts of “what if” scenarios about something that almost certainly won’t affect us.

There are other factors that can compound them but those are the most common things that people say are affecting them and causing them to have a fear of flying.

Hypnosis can help turn your subconscious mind around so that it doesn’t treat those fears as insurmountable obstacles. Instead hypnosis can help it to deal with them on a more rational and sensible basis.

You can use a pre-recorded MP3 – that has a high success rate.

Or you can get a tailored session that will precisely press all your buttons and help you to get over your fear of flying in record time.

If you’re close to Cheltenham, you can arrange that with me.

It normally only takes one session (but for your own sake don’t leave it until the flight is nearly about to take off!) to use hypnosis help you to get rid of your fear of flying once and for all.

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