Hypnosis for Fear of Success

Success is something most of us want but sometimes, deep down, there are worries.

Nagging doubts that turn into self sabotage and stop you from succeeding.

Fear of success is quite common and hypnosis can help you overcome it…

As with quite a few fears, there are lots of components to fear of success.

Your phobia may involve one or two of them or many different components. It varies from person to person and even between the different things that you could (and should!) be succeeding in.

  • Fear of change – when we see successful people they appear to act differently and often have a different lifestyle from the one we’re used to. It could be that you’re worried that you’ll change when you become successful and that could affect your life.
  • Will you have to sell out? The media often focuses on the negative aspects of success. So it could be that you’re worrying that you might have to sell out when you become successful whereas that’s unlikely to be the case in real life.
  • Fear of still being accepted. Part of your fear could be based around whether your friends will still be friends or whether they won’t be able to accept your success when you achieve it. That could be real – some people get jealous of success – but it shouldn’t be something that deserves to hold you back. If your friends don’t accept you for being you then maybe they’re not really your friends anyway.
  • Fear of being taken advantage of. This can happen to lottery winners where they have to deal with begging letters and requests to borrow money that may never be paid back. Financial success can also attract people trying to sell you “sure fire” investments that don’t actually happen as planned. Your hypnosis session can include some suggestions for your subconscious mind to help avoid these drains on your success.

Whether any of those common reasons for being afraid of success apply to you or not, there will be some reasons that do.

Often they seem trivial but that doesn’t mean they’re not holding you back.

Success and abundance are part of our natural way of life – you only have to look around you to see abundance and you don’t have to scratch the surface of things very deep to find success in almost every area of life.

Whether your afraid of succeeding financially, in sports, at your place of work or anywhere else in your life, hypnosis can really make a positive difference.

It will get to the deep rooted reasons that are stubbornly standing between you and success and it will shift them out of your way with almost no effort on your part except listening to a pre-recorded MP3 (which is a good way of testing the water with hypnosis) or with a complete hypnosis session that’s completely tailored for you and all the different things that are making up your specific fear of success.

Normally you only need one tailored hypnosis session with me in Cheltenham to put you back on track and get you on the road to success.

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