Hypnosis for Relaxation and Positive Thinking

It seems that we un-learn how to relax as we get older.

Relaxation was something that came to us perfectly naturally when we were very young.

But for older people it’s almost seen as a sign of weakness. Even though some of the greatest thinkers of recent times deliberately take time out from their day to relax and re-energise.

If you can spare ten minutes a day then treat yourself a hypnosis power nap MP3. It takes all the (perceived) hard work out of relaxing and will bring you back to the real world with a new found energy.

It’s a good first step on your way to becoming more relaxed and – as a side effect – more productive at the same time.

Too often, decisions we make when we’re stressed aren’t as good as they could be.

We put pressure on ourselves and that shows through in the decisions we make.

Take a few seconds to look back at some of your most recent decisions and decide how stressed you were when you made them. First impressions are normally the best for this kind of exercise.

Then give them a score – chances are the ones you made when you weren’t as relaxed as you could have been were generally awarded a lower score.

Which brings us on to the positive thinking side of things.

It’s very “new age” to say that we should think positive thoughts more often.

That can work – ideas like using the law of attraction are based on it – but it’s also a very high target to set.

Our minds seem almost pre-programmed to think negative thoughts and generally see the worst in things.

That’s reflected in things like newspaper headlines – bad news sells, pure and simple.

But it seeps into our other thoughts as well.

Whilst I don’t suggest that you can ban negative thoughts completely, I am of the opinion that you can – and should – think positive thoughts more often.

Starting a basic gratitude journal puts your mind on track for this: before you go to bed, write down at least 3 things that have happened to you today that you’re grateful for. Include the words “thank you” in whatever you write down.

Writing is the best way to do this – even if your handwriting would make a doctor’s look legible – there’s an extra connection made in our minds when we do that rather than just bash away at a keyboard.

This puts you in a more positive mindset before you go to sleep. Which as a side effect can help you get a better night’s sleep.

If you’re still battling with negative thoughts, then hypnosis is a good way to bring your mind round to thinking positively more often.

Something as simple as listening to an MP3 track can work – it’s quick, easy and you can fit it into most routines.

The other option is to book a hypnosis session with a local hypnotist.

Whilst it costs a bit more than a download, it has the major advantage that the session can be tweaked to your precise needs and can almost always get to the root cause of your negative thoughts. Which puts you in a better position for a lasting change for the better.