Hypnosis for Sleep Problems

We all need a good night’s sleep.

Every night.

Not just once in a blue moon.

There are certain things you can do to sleep well but hypnosis helps with the more stubborn insomnia problems.

The various things you can do – whether or not you use hypnosis to help you sleep better – include:

Go to sleep at the same time each night

Routine is important.

Sure, there’ll be a slight variation in the time you go to bed but it shouldn’t be massive.

Get into a routine – it takes between 2 and 4 weeks to do that with any habit – and you’ll find yourself ready for bed at your preferred time more often.

Adjust room temperature

This is easier said than done here in the UK but the closer you can get to a consistent room temperature every night, the better.

One of the easiest ways is use a variety of duvets (or layers of them!) so that if it’s seemingly freezing cold one day and a summer warmth the next day, you’re prepared rather than taking several days to come round to the idea that the temperature has changed.

Relax before bed time

Television isn’t relaxation!

Having a television in your bedroom is common but it isn’t necessarily a good idea to watch television just before you try to go to sleep.

Our minds don’t switch off the minute we turn off the light – they take time to slow down.

Watching those last few minutes of television just before you try to get to sleep means your mind is still active and not ready for bed.

A nice warm bath just before bed – without being tempted to watch just one more thing afterwards – can work.

So can listening to calming music or even a meditation track.

Darken your room

The darker your room, the better.

That includes the standby light on that television.

And the glow of your alarm clock.

And anything else that adds to the light pollution in your bedroom.


There are several ways hypnosis can help with sleep problems.

The main one is that it can work with your subconscious mind – the part that is racing around rather than relaxing – and help to overcome the issues you’re dealing with.

It’s worth getting a personal session with a hypnotist like me – this can deal with any issues that are specific to your sleeplessness – so that you can be back to having a good night’s rest.

I also recommend that you listen to a pre-recorded hypnosis MP3 just before you go to sleep.

That will help with relaxing you and the MP3s are designed to put you into a deeply relaxed state, ready for a deep, restful sleep.

But it’s also worth setting an appointment for a personal hypnosis session!

Normally just one session will work a treat – I’ll use a variety of post hypnotic suggestions and some “future pacing” to put you on track for overcoming your sleep problems.

Give me a call now to arrange your hypnosis session.