Hypnosis for Weight Control

Weight control is something that most of us in the Western world have to contend with at some stage in our lives.

Maybe you just have a craving for chocolate or some other calorie laden goodie that tastes so good at the time but seems less good when you step on the scales in the morning.

Or it could be that you eat all the “right” foods and still put on the pounds.

Part of the problem is that our survival instincts are protecting us against famine.

Which – let’s face it – isn’t a particularly likely problem in the 21st century.

We’ve got shops open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Sure things go out of stock occasionally but unless there’s been a major crop failure or (more often) a problem at the factory, that doesn’t last for long.

So famine isn’t really on our radar.

But in evolutionary terms it was always close by.

So our survival instincts factored it into the equation. Prompting us to eat more food, just in case there was nothing on the table tomorrow.

The excess calories are stored are as fat.

And a lot of us have rather more of that than we’d care to admit.

Recent surveys have shown that people are in denial about their weight. And that’s not helped when doctors are encouraged to change the words they use and not call their patients fat or overweight or obese.

Maybe the biggest problem with weight control is the lack of self control we have – the urge to eat food.

Especially if it’s full of tasty calories.

When you use hypnosis as part of your calorie controlled diet, you’ll start to change the way your mind thinks about food.

You will still find food tasty – hypnosis can help you to eat consciously, so you’ll enjoy your food more instead of watching a television program, looking at the empty wrappers surrounding you and wondering how you managed to wolf down all that food without really noticing.

It will also help you to make the right food choices more often.

Maybe not every single time you eat anything. But certainly more often than if you’re in the out-of-control mode that you’re currently in.

Whether that’s binge eating, late night raids on the refrigerator or “just one more mouthful”.

All of those – and more – can be helped by using a hypnotist to help your subconscious mind work with you rather than against you.

The suggestions that are implanted in your mind will help you make better food choices.

That could be as simple as reading the label: if you don’t understand what an ingredient is, that’s a good enough reason to choose an alternative product.

After all, how many of us keep high fructose corn syrup in our kitchens and add it to all sorts of recipes?

Probably no-one unless they’re a food tester. And even then it’s likely to be contained to the lab rather than brought back for domestic usage.

Hypnosis can help with that by giving your conscious mind those vital milliseconds to check the label and accept or reject the product.

All in all, hypnosis has a good success rate with weight control.

It’s definitely worth investigating and maybe even testing an exploratory session.

If you’re near to me, it’s worth booking a weight control hypnosis session in Cheltenham.

And whether or not you do that, take a look at this video about losing weight by drinking more water.