Lose Weight by Eating Less and Drinking More Water

It stands to reason that in order to lose weight you need to eat less. As a quick rule of thumb, if you’re regularly putting more calories into your body than you’re using, your body will store the excess as fat and you’ll gain weight.

Those two sentences sum up nearly every weight loss program on the market.

Sure, they may dress up the information with all sorts of rules and regulations: no or low carbs, little or no sugar, not much (if any) fat, points counting, etc.

They may also include specially formulated products that are supposed to help you follow your chosen diet program: meal replacement drinks (often strawberry or chocolate flavour), “allowable” treats or expensive products that are only available via your authorised distributor, probably with someone in a white coat explaining how these products are so effective.

But it still comes down to eating less calories than you use.

So you need to come up with a plan that either reduces the amount of calories you consume or increases the amount you use or – ideally – does both.

The interesting thing is that drinking more water actually helps you to eat less.

Water helps us to feel fuller, which is nice for something with zero calories attached to it.

This leads to a virtuous circle where drinking more water is actually a cause of you almost automatically eating less.

Try it yourself for the next week or two:

Drink a glass or two of water about half an hour before each meal or snack.

Then notice that you feel slightly less hungry at meal time.

There have been a number of studies recently where people did just that and the study group who drank more water lost more weight than the control group.

Of course, like everything involved with dieting and weight loss, there are a few caveats.

The first is that the water should be just that – water.

Not water that has been morphed into tea or coffee or a fizzy drink.

And while we’re talking about fizzy drinks, take extra care to avoid the diet versions. Whilst they have less calories, our body doesn’t know that – we haven’t been using artificial sweeteners for long enough for it to have evolved to that place – and it reacts as though the drink was laden with sugar. Which, in turn, means bad news for your weight loss regime.

As well as drinking more water, it helps to control your portion sizes.

You can do this in a number of ways:

If you’ve got a choice, use a smaller plate. So a 9 inch diameter plate would be better than a 10 inch diameter one for instance.

Definitely serve a slightly smaller portion size. A bit less heaping on the serving spoons is a good start and “hardly noticeable” almost certainly still means “quite a few calories less”.

Put your cutlery down between each mouthful. Eating more slowly allows you to notice the signal from your body that says you’ve had enough to eat.

Pay attention to the food you’re eating. The closer you can get to treating every meal as though it was one you’re eating in a good restaurant, the better. You wouldn’t be watching television or reading a magazine or tapping away on your phone at a decent restaurant, so don’t do it at home either.

Hypnosis can be a good way to help you keep to your weight loss goals.

If you’re close to Cheltenham, you can book a hypnosis weight loss appointment with me.

If you’re further way, a good option is to download some hypnosis weight loss MP3s and listen to them to help you with your weight loss targets.