How to Lose Weight in a Month

It’s awkward: it seems like you can put pounds onto your weight almost overnight but when you come to lose those pounds again it’s never as fast. Weight loss seems tilted in favour of gaining weight much more than losing it.

One of the reasons for that is historic. Until very recently, we never had access to a constant supply of food at almost every turning. So we adapted to conserve any excess calories and store them as fat in case our next meal was nowhere to be found.

That survival instinct has turned against us!

So is there anything you can do to lose weight in a month?

Which is normally about the length of time we step on the scales and decide that something has to be done before a holiday or other occasion.

The first thing to do is read the labels for everything you normally eat.

The smaller the print size and the less contrast there is between the print colour and the background colour, the more important this is.

Because manufacturers know that the harder they make it for us to read precisely what they’ve put in their product the less likely we are to bother to read it.

During this often scary exercise, you’re looking for a few things.

Sugar is one of the main culprits in weight gain.

And, again, manufacturers know that (deep down) we know that.

Which means they use lots of different terms for it: hugh fructose corn syrup, fructose, glucose, sucrose and many other names. Wikipedia has a comprehensive list if you want to delve into this further but you can get a good idea from the nutrition part of the label – it will normally show carbohydrates and also how much of those carbs is made up from sugar.

You’ll probably be shocked by how much sugar is lurking in all sorts of supposedly healthy products such as fruit juice and smoothies. And also in products that are promoted as low fat.

The more ruthless you can be at cutting down the amount of sugar you consume, the easier the task of losing weight becomes.

Next up, you need to use a food diary.

The only person who sees this is likely to be you. So you need to be competely honest with yourself about what you’re eating.

That includes the one or two or three sweets you take from the bowl at reception, the extra portion of orange juice, etc.

Far and away the simplest way to lose weight is the one that’s almost a throw away line in the diet books: don’t eat as much!

Yes, I said it.

Forget the expensive answers.

Just monitor what you eat and stop before you eat several times the recommended daily amount of calories!

The other “trick” to losing weight in a month is increasing the amount of water you consume.

That’s plain water.

Not water that’s been transformed into coffee or tea or anything else that isn’t plain H2O.

Make it your mission to drink at least 8 glasses of water each and every day. More if possible.

This will help reduce your hunger as your stomach will be full from the water.

It will also help flush out all sorts of toxins from your body that you never knew were there.

If you’d like help with your weight loss and are close to Cheltenham in the UK, you can book an appointment with me using the contact form or call me on 07967 478272.

We’ll devise a diet plan for you that stands the highest chance of success and I’ll probably mix in some weight loss hypnosis to get your subsconscious mind on board and helping you as well.

If you can’t get to Cheltenham then consider downloading some hypnosis weight loss MP3s instead.