How to Overcome Exam Nerves Hypnosis

Let’s face it, exams can be nerve wracking.

You’re trying to prove that hours or months or years of training can be tested in a short space of time.

Which means that exam nerves are pretty much built in to the system.

In fact, you wouldn’t be a normal human if you didn’t experience some nervousness before the exam began.

But you need to calm yourself down enough to be at your best when the exam takes place.

Some of that is preparation:

  • Driving instructors routinely take their pupils on a mock test before the actual test
  • School teachers will get you to take past papers against the clock so that you know what to expect
  • Mocks are part of the school curriculum
  • Other exams often have the option to practice (highly recommended)
  • You need to know your subject – that’s where paying attention whilst you learn and revision of what you know comes in

But all the preparation in the world isn’t necessarily enough to combat exam nerves.

There’s something about the process of being tested that brings out some of our primeval instincts. There’s almost a fight-or-flight response when you’re sitting in the exam hall or behind the wheel or in front of a screen with a clock ticking or wherever else the test is taking place.

Exam nerves have several components:

  • Fear – the worry that you don’t know enough or that your mind will go blank or that something else “wrong” will happen.
  • Time pressure – by their nature, exams are almost always fixed duration. Getting your timings wrong can almost automatically lead to failure or low marks if you don’t complete everything required.
  • Being watched – most of us don’t perform particularly well when we’re being watched. Especially when that watching is intense.
  • Being tense – the pressures of exams mean that we often tense up and fail to relax enough to be at our best during the exam.
  • Worry about the importance of the exam. Almost no exams are life or death but that doesn’t stop them from seeming that way when you’re taking them!

Those factors are why exam nerves are so prevalent.

Fortunately, hypnosis can help you to overcome your exam nerves and perform better in whichever exam you’re due to take.

Some of the process will involve helping you to be more relaxed when you take your upcoming exam.

The ideal state to be in is one where you are ambivalent about the exam. That sounds weird at first – after all, the exam must be important, otherwise you wouldn’t be taking it. But the closer you can get to a state where you’re happy whatever the outcome, the better you’ll actually perform.

Try it for yourself – find an exam online – anything will do but a light hearted one would be a good place to start.

Take it.

You probably don’t care about the outcome (after all, it’s only for fun) so there’s no real pressure.

Then set a large clock going – something like the one that ticks down at the end of a Countdown round – and feel the pressure grow. Even though the result still doesn’t really matter.


Hypnosis can help you take that pressure off so that your exam nerves are tamed enough for you to be able to take the exam without turning into a quivering wreck.

It can also help your memory keep on top of all the things you need to remember for your exam.

Our memory is big and sometimes we need help finding our way around it.

Things can fall into cracks and crevices of our minds – that’s why things often literally pop into your mind at certain times.

Hypnosis can help you find those hidden memories that can make all the difference between passing or failing an exam.

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Either way, it’s well worth doing so that you can face your next exam with confidence.