How to Overcome Social Anxiety with Hypnosis

Social anxiety affects us all at times.

Maybe it’s the room full of strangers.

Maybe it’s too many people in too small a space.

Maybe you just wind yourself up and become more and more anxious as a result.

Maybe there’s another reason that makes your social anxiety come to the forefront.

Whatever the reason, hypnosis can help overcome it.

The thing is, deep down (or maybe not so deep), social anxiety is a form of shyness.

And whilst that can be perceived as cute it’s more likely a handicap that’s stopping you from moving on in your life.

It’s not unusual if you can’t quite put your finger on exactly why you’re socially anxious.

A lot of the time, the reason is that your subconscious mind – the part that’s in control most of the time for most things that your body does – is trying to protect you.

If it had it’s way, you’d curl up into a ball and roll away from the situation. But because that would be odd it does the next best thing and sends out lots of signals to you that you need to withdraw from the situation as much as possible.

So you keep to the edge of the crowd, desperately trying not to make eye contact with anyone lest they start talking to you and you end up spending the meeting nervous and frustrated.

If someone manages to catch you for long enough to start a conversation you mutter and mumble and stumble your words. And you’re perpetually searching for a way to leave the group who’ve just brought you in.

A lot of this is almost a reflex response. Something you’ve trained yourself to do over the years in the vain hope that it will protect you from these other people, whoever they are.

All of this pushes you into a downward spiral and your social awkwardness turns everything into a self fulfilling prophecy and you build on that with “I told you so” reactions if anything even slightly out of the ordinary happens in a social situation of any kind.

Hypnosis works by getting deep down into your subconscious mind.

It does this safely – you can’t be persuaded to do anything you don’t want to do by hypnosis – and it does it fast.

Usually just one hypnosis session will be all that you need to turn yourself around, become less anxious socially and get your social skills moving again.

If you’re some way from me then you could find a local hypnotist or you could listen to the tracks in this set of hypnosis MP3s that are purpose made to help you overcome your social anxiety. There’s the added bonus that you can play them more than once if you need to.

If you’re close to me in Cheltenham then a tailored personal hypnosis session will work out very well. We’ll get down to the root cause of your social anxiety and then gently shift its perspective or even move it out of the way altogether.

That’s the beauty of a personal session – it’s just for you and will get far and away the best results for you because of that.

It normally only takes one hypnosis session to get over your social anxiety and you can book one by calling me on 07967 478272 or completing your details on the contact page.