Public Speaking Hypnosis to Help You Speak Confidently in Public

Public speaking is one of the top fears that people have. Whether it’s a presentation at work or in front of a larger audience, hypnosis can help.

There are lots of reasons for this – the worry of stalling and stuttering and generally getting things wrong, wondering what other people will think of you and lots of other thoughts that prey on your mind.

All those fears about public speaking are perfectly normal.

In fact, you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t have some trepidation at the thought of standing up in front of a group of other people.

Top performers suffer from this regularly and they’re on stage a lot more often than you’re likely to be.

Hypnosis can help you to overcome the worries that are buzzing through your mind.

A good starting point is to remember that most of the worst case scenarios that you’re thinking about won’t ever actually happen.

The next thing to do – regardless of whether or not you use hypnosis – is to practice.

It may sound self evident but public speaking involves speaking out loud.

So practicing needs to be done out loud as well.

Your voice doesn’t sound the same when you’re just silently reading something.

There’s also something very different about reading your words out loud. For starters, they come to life more. But, beyond that, you are likely to skip words or even say the words differently (different tenses, different orders) when you read them out loud.

So, ideally, you should practice with an understanding friend. Or, if you can’t find someone tolerant enough, with a voice recorder.

These practice sessions will help your confidence grow. You’ll know the words you’re going to speak better because you’ve practiced them. Which will help your confidence.

Hypnosis comes in by helping to quell all the “what can go wrong” thoughts that are going through your mind.

On a good day it can even stop them completely.

But even if that’s not the case it can turn down their volume and therefore their effect on your performance.

And it is a performance.

Even if you’re just reading out some PowerPoint slide and adding a few extra bits to the information.

Another thing that hypnosis can do is help you to slow down.

Our minds tend to race when we’re worried about something and that includes speaking in front of other people.

Most people go way too fast on their first few public speaking attempts. Probably in an attempt to get over it as soon as possible.

The problem is that the faster you go, the less your audience are likely to understand you. And the more likely you are to trip over your words, bringing your fear to being a self fulfilling prophecy.

Practice will help you slow down a bit.

You’ll probably still be faster in your practice sessions than you are in real life because it’s hard to judge for audience reaction or questions. But timing your sessions helps quite a bit.

All in all, hypnosis can help make the idea of speaking in public a much less worrying experience.

If you’re close to me in Cheltenham, you can book a hypnosis appointment to help sort out your public speaking fear.

If you’re not close, this MP3 hypnosis download is a good second best.