Stop Smoking Hypnosis: How to Quit Smoking

Hypnosis can help you stop smoking.

It’s fast and works better than willpower or patches.

If you can’t spare the time to visit a local hypnotist then you can download a set of MP3s that will help you stop smoking and they have a high success rate. But a personal session often works even better as it will address all the factors that keep you smoking that are unique to you.

Cigarettes are addictive.

They’re made that way – partly it’s the nicotine fix, partly it’s the umpteen added ingredients that help keep you puffing away.

Ingredients like saltpeter – one of the components of gunpowder – that helps keep the cigarette burning consistently and also reduces the coughing often associated with smoking cigarettes.

Then there’s the not so subtle health warnings.

The worst one I’ve seen on a cigarette packet is “Don’t Start”.

That’s because our minds struggle to process negative keywords and actually process that as a command to start smoking. Nice work by whoever got that past the legislators but not good if you’re doing your best to stop smoking.

People do their best to give up smoking in different ways:

  • New Year’s resolutions – it’s on a lot of people’s lists but often crops up every year
  • Reducing the strength of the cigarettes – moving to a milder cigarette is another way people try to give up but that’s a gradual process if you like the taste
  • Going cold turkey – this works if you’re determined and a lot of people I know who’ve successfully given up cigarettes have done it this way
  • Sticking patches on your arm
  • Chewing nicotine gum
  • Moving to e-cigarettes as a socially acceptable substitute for regular cigarettes

All of those work to a degree.

For instance, patches have a success rate of up to 10.8%.

Yes, you read that right.

About one in every ten people who try to give up cigarettes using nicotine patches actually succeed.

That’s slightly better than going cold turkey (about one in 14 succeed) but not much.

Hypnosis fares better than that.

It doesn’t get 100% success rate to get you to stop smoking (there’s no miracle answer, sorry) but it’s certainly a lot better than most of the other options.

It’s also a lot cheaper than many of the alternatives.

A personal stop smoking hypnosis session will drill down and get to the real reasons that you use cigarettes.

The reasons may or may not make themselves publicly known – that varies from person to person – but they’ll make themselves known to your subconscious mind which is the part of you that’s important in this process.

The session will then move on to helping your subconscious work out better, healthier, ways to indulge whatever things that have been causing you to smoke.

That applies whether you’re a casual smoker or someone who regularly goes through a packet or more a day.

The cost of a stop smoking hypnosis download or personal session is cheap in comparison to the cost of the cigarettes you’re buying.

Depending on how many cigarettes you smoke, chances are it will pay back in a week or two.

And, since I’m not here to judge, if you want the hypnosis to wean you off regular cigarettes and onto e-cigarettes then let me know when we meet.

Obviously it’s healthier and cheaper if you stop altogether but it’s a free society so it’s up to you.

You can book a stop smoking hypnosis session with me in Cheltenham by calling me on 07967 478272 or using the contact page.