Stress Management Hypnosis

Stress management hypnosis is one of the best ways of dealing with all the side effects that our modern stressful lives bring up. Whether it’s stress caused by exams, pressure at work or something that’s building up elsewhere in your life, it’s important to sort it out before the impact gets too big.

Left unmanaged, stress can cause illness so it’s important to develop some kind of stress management technique that works for you.

Stress Management

stress management imageHypnosis to help manage your stress levels is a great way to do this. In one session, I’ll help you to change how you deal with whatever stressful thing is wreaking havoc in your life.

Stress works its way into our lives in lots of different ways. And a certain level of stress isn’t a bad thing as it helps keep us moving towards things we want and desire.

It’s when stress takes over our lives that we need to stop stressing out at the first opportunity and adopt some stress management ideas.

As well as a stress management hypnosis appointment it will probably pay you to re-work some other aspects of your life. Maybe taking up a hobby that you can relax with, maybe joining a local yoga class, maybe listening to relaxing music or a meditation CD. I can help you formulate the best long term stress management system for you when we meet up – everyone is different but we can normally come up with a few suggestions that will work alongside hypnosis to cut down the stress in your life to a more manageable level.

Different people react to stress in different ways such as:

  • Anger – blowing your top at the people around you works OK for a lot of people but doesn’t help those who are at the receiving end of your temper. Stress management hypnosis can help channel your anger more constructively.
  • Bottling up your stress is another favourite technique but that runs the risk of promoting disease in your body. Taken to extremes, this could result in a serious illness or something catastrophic like a heart attack. It’s better to find a stress management path before this happens.
  • Just being British. We’re good at putting on two faces – one to the outside world and another to ourselves. So everyone who knows you will think you’re cool, calm and collected but inside there’ll be turmoil, sleepless nights, under- or over-eating, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine or any one of umpteen other crutches that we use to keep our stress levels under control.

Whichever one of these descriptions best fits you – or even if there’s a combination of them – a stress management hypnosis appointment will help to sort them out.

We’ll work together to help your subconscious body come up with better solutions.

Because if you could deal with whatever is causing your stress at a conscious level, you’d have done it already.

We’ll get down to the “it just happens” level. The part of your body that tells your toenails to slowly grow without any help from you – you only know they’re growing when the nail clippers need to come out again.

Stress management hypnosis will get down to the same kind of level so that your stress management techniques will be on the same kind of auto-pilot. Chances are that your friends and family will notice the changes that take place after your stress management hypnosis appointment well before you do.

Call me or email me to book your stress management hypnosis appointment now.

And if you’re not close enough to do that, check out this hypnosis stress management download.