Waterfall Diet Diary Day 10

Day 10, Wednesday 17th September

Weigh in: 12st 12.6lb (180.6lb or 82.1kg), 24% body fat.

Weight gain again today but I strongly suspect my Salter scales – I moved them a few inches and got a range of anything from 12st 11.6lb right the way up to 13st 3.6lb. They’re going back to Argos very soon and I’ve been told today that I’m getting an early birthday present of some Tanita scales which should hopefully be much more reliable (thanks John!).

As usual, lots of water and herbal tea. Plus the evening celery juice.

Breakfast: muesli with blueberries and goats milk (last day for that as use by date runs out, soy milk from tomorrow).

Today’s walk was brisker: my friend managed it in just over 30 minutes, I took longer at just over 34 minutes but was still down a minute on yesterday’s time.

A few peanuts as a lunch time snack.

Evening: leftover turkey, lettuce and some no yeast, no salt, rye bread with soy spread. Not the most exciting meal but it was OK. An apple afterwards.