Waterfall Diet Diary Day 12

Day 12, Friday 19th September

Weigh in: 12st 12.2lb (180.2lb or 81.9kg), 21.3% body fat.

Or on the new Tanita Scales: 12st 11lb (179lb or 81.4kg), 21.2% body fat.

I’ll use the two in parallel for another day or two.

Early start today as my friend decided he wanted a new Apple iPhone 6 so we drove down to Bristol at the crack of dawn so he could queue for a few hours to get it. Apple gave us water to drink in the queue and offered croissants, biscuits and sweets at various times. We accepted the water but turned down the other things.

Lunch: I’d had two avocados ripening and I used those to make a quick guacamole by scooping out the avocados, chopping up a small onion, mixing them together with some lemon juice, black pepper and Tabasco sauce. I divided it into two and will eat the second portion over the weekend. I opened a can of mackerel in oil – this one had no added salt but quite a few brands add salt so read the label – and drained it. A quick and colourful lunch, followed by an apple and some grapes.

Evening meal: frozen tuna steak wrapped in foil and sprinkled with black pepper, dried herbs and lemon juice and then cooked as per the instructions on the packet. At the same time as that was cooking, I sliced up a red pepper, cut it up and cooked it for the same time as the fish. I also made some home made potato wedges: cut a potato into 8 wedges, mix some paprika and olive oil together and coat the wedges. They take about 20-25 minutes in a fan oven set at 200C. Near the end of the cooking time I boiled some peas and served them with the juices from the cooked tuna rather than butter.

Less water today because of the car journey but still a reasonable amount.

And a glass of celery juice of course.

Weight loss at the moment isn’t spectacular but the main point of the waterfall diet is to find what is putting on water weight. Apart from that it’s essentially eating sensibly – subject to the various “no” items – with as little as possible prepared by someone else.