Waterfall Diet Diary Day 13

Day 13, Saturday 20th September

Weigh in on the new Tanita Scales: 12st 11.4lb (179.4lb or 81.5kg), 22% body fat.

Slightly up (so is my friend) – which is a bit annoying as we’re both eating under 2,500 calories a day and this kind of fluctuation will make it harder to run the tests in the final four weeks.

Fairly lazy day today apart from watching a steam train with my friend and his one year old daughter. He took a video on his new iPhone but hasn’t yet worked out how to upload the slow motion side of it to YouTube – the slow motion plays on the iPhone fine. It’s probably one of those things that’s easy when you know how.

Breakfast of muesli with blueberries and soya milk.

Lunch: the other half of yesterday’s gaucamole with a tin of sardines (canned in oil, no added salt, drained) and a few tomatoes.

Evening meal: Stir fry. I thawed some frozen fish earlier in the day. Boiled some brown rice. While that was cooking, diced an onion, chopped a pepper, part thawed some green beans, squeezed a peeled clove of garlic, grated some ginger, chopped the thawed fish. Then once the rice had cooked I drained it and put it under a running cold tap so that it cooled quickly without the grains sticking together. Then fried all the vegetables in some olive oil in a wok, added the fish and some seasoning (I used about a teaspoon of some Thai red curry powder, about a tablespoon of some no-wheat soya sauce and some freshly grated pepper) then added the rice for the last couple of minutes.

It’s well worth preparing everything in advance for wok cooking as it cooks fast and there’s not really much time to do anything other than stir it.

Water & herbal tea during the day, celery juice in the evening.