Waterfall Diet Diary Day 14

Day 14, Sunday 21st September

Weigh in on the new Tanita Scales: 12st 12.4lb (180.4lb or 82kg), 22% body fat.

Up a pound again – this is getting annoying! I don’t think I ate excessively yesterday and essentially I’m at around the same weight as I was at the end of the initial water fast. My friend isn’t dropping weight as fast as he’d like either so we’re both going to do another water fast from Monday to Wednesday before the week and a half before the 4 week test period starts.

The worry is that this kind of fluctuation could make the testing weeks awkward to interpret as I’ve got to put on several pounds for it to be conclusively water weight. My new scales do claim to measure water weight so maybe I’ll have to pay more attention to that figure.

Fruit for breakfast – grapes and a banana.

Sunday roast – same as last Sunday.

Evening: more fruit. Plus the celery drink.

We didn’t do our regular walk yesterday but managed to do one today so hopefully the exercise will keep our metabolism working OK.

I’ve probably not drunk as much water/herbal tea today as I should do but have probably had 6 or 7 glasses so not too far off. And still time for another glass or two before going to sleep.