Waterfall Diet Diary Day 15

Day 15, Monday 22nd September

Weigh in: 12st 12.0lb (180.0lb or 81.8kg), 21.7% body fat.

Down slightly which is good but not really much change since the water fast at the start of the experiment.

Today is the first of three days water fast, then it will be back to regular eating before the first test (wheat) starts in two weeks time.

A few stomach rumblings today but I’ve been drinking copious amounts of water. Also had a free peppermint tea at Waitrose thanks to their MyWaitrose card.

A 40 minute walk on the hill means I’m still getting exercise so that’s good – found it reasonably easy going despite the lack of calories today.

Not much else to report and I guess since there’s no food element the next couple of days will be similarly short entries but there’s a discipline in typing this daily and going public with the results rather than just reporting them to my friend.