Waterfall Diet Diary Day 17

Day 17, Wedesday 24thSeptember

Weigh in: 12st 7.6lb (175.6lb or 79.8kg), 20.9% body fat.

Second day of second water fast and down another 1.4lb to my lowest since I started recording my weight in 2001.

There’s obviously still some water weight being got rid of – I couldn’t lose that amount of weight just by only drinking water.

Reasonably easy day – my friend has been feeling it more than me but we’re both more tired than normal. And the walk on the hill was a lot harder today – I was out of breath significantly earlier than normal.

There’s (literally) a nasty taste in my mouth and the roof of my mouth feels like it’s been lined with something upleasant. I’ve not got too close to anyone as I suspect my breath isn’t exactly pleasant either.

Fairly certain this is the state the Atkins Diet calls ketosis which means our bodies are using the fat they’ve stored up which is good.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s breakfast!