Waterfall Diet Diary Day 18

Day 18, Thursday 25th September

Weigh in: 12st 6.2lb (174.2lb or 79.2kg), 20.6% body fat.

Yesterday was the third day of the water fast and today’s weight was another 1.4lb drop.

Back to reasonably normal eating now until the first Waterfal Diet test starts a week Monday.

Breakfast: muesli with blueberries and a chopped up banana, soya milk.

Lunch was a snack of mixed nuts and dried fruit.

Not much exercise today – a kind of rest and recuperation day after the three day water fast.

Evening meal was turkey chilli but this time with baked potato (one each) and a baked sweet potato shared between us. It’s nice to be eating something that’s very close to a normal meal.

We’re both going to a seminar on Saturday so we’ll be making a packed lunch.

The diet works better on a “think ahead” basis and we tested our own Waterfall Diet version of Marie Rose sauce.

Instead of mayo – which is off limits due to the egg – and rather than using shop bought no-egg mayo – which has some odd ingredients and a fair amount of salt – we’re going to be making our own.

I remembered from one of my previous diet times that yogurt makes a reasonable substitute so we did a taste trial using two yogurts that were in the fridge: sheep’s yogurt and soya yogurt. A dollop of yogurt and a squirt of tomato puree, mixed together.

We couldn’t taste much difference between the two.

Neither is mayo based (obviously) and that does show up on the taste test but we both think that won’t be as much of an issue once the prawns are mixed in and we’ve squeezed some lemon over things.

Which is good because thinking ahead is definitely necessary when so many things are off limits.