Waterfall Diet Diary Day 19

Day 19, Friday 26th September

Weigh in: 12st 8.8lb (176.8lb or 80.4kg), 21.1% body fat.

So, eating normally again led to a weight gain of 2.6lb.

I guess this means that there’s different water retention during a water fast than afterwards.

On the plus side, my blood pressure is a lot lower: 130/81 which I’m really happy about.

Normal eating again today:

Muesli with blueberries and a banana and soya milk.

A few nuts and some dried fruit as a snack during the day.

Main meal: brown rice stir fry with onion, garlic, red pepper, peas, chicken. Some spice (I used some no salt balti curry powder) and black pepper. A banana and some grapes for dessert.

No hill walk but I did about an hour of walking as my car needed some work done on it and the main dealer (it was that kind of work!) is about 30 minutes walk away.

Early start tomorrow as we’re at a seminar in Milton Keynes which is about 2 hours drive away. My friend is preparing the food we’ll be taking with us and I’ll be bringing along some fruit and some herbal teas.