Waterfall Diet Diary Day 21

Day 21, Sunday 28th September

Weigh in: 12st 9.2lb (177.2lb or 80.5kg), 20.5% body fat.

Back down 1.4lb today so maybe stabilising after the water fast and then (fingers crossed) on a weight drop path.

Just over a week before the 4 weeks of testing starts so – at least in theory – in a little over 5 weeks time we should know what’s been causing the water weight gain.

Not much in the way of exercise today.

And probably less liquid (water and herbal tea) than I should have drunk – I still seem to fall into a different pattern at weekends on water drinking.

Breakfast: wheat free muesli, soya milk, some blueberries and a banana.

Lunch: Sunday roast again, courtesy of my friend. Very nice and completely free from everything we’re avoiding.

Evening: some grapes and some fruit & nut mix (Lidl mixed nuts, sultanas).

Tomorrow and Tuesday we’re aiming to be the fast days of the 5:2 diet so around 600 calories per day. Then it will be relatively normal eating before the first test week starts a week tomorrow.