Waterfall Diet Diary Day 22

Day 22, Monday 29th September

Weigh in: 12st 9.6lb (177.6lb or 80.7kg), 21.4% body fat.

Marginally up by 0.4lb today. Probably because I didn’t drink much liquid over the weekend.

My blood pressure still going down (126/81) – which means I’m nearly in the normal area for the first time in a very long time.

Today was a fast day along the lines of the 5:2 diet so we had king prawn curry and brown rice again.

Not much exercise – I’ve got some projects on which mean I’ve spent longer at my desk than I’d like to – just some walking around town but that probably totalled around an hour.

The first test – wheat – starts in a week’s time and we’re both looking forward to finding out what’s been causing water retention for both myself and my friend. We’re also hoping it will be the same culprit for both of us as that would make future eating plans easier but time will tell, this isn’t a process that can be rushed.