Waterfall Diet Diary Day 23

Day 23, Tuesday 30th September

Weigh in: 12st 8.8lb (176.8lb or 80.4kg), 21.0% body fat.

Down 0.8lb after this week’s first 5:2 fast day.

Very soon now I’ll be testing wheat on the Waterfall Diet – should be interesting!

A walk on the hill again today, slightly out of breath in a couple of places as it’s been several days since our last one but generally OK.

You may have noticed I’m not drinking the celery juice daily any longer. Technically it’s part of the Waterfall Diet but in practice it’s more trouble than it’s worth from my point of view, mainly because I don’t much like cleaning the juicer after using it as it takes longer to do that than it does to use it.

The logic behind celery juice is that it’s a mild diueretic and that it helps break down “escaped protein particles” – whatever they are – but hopefully it won’t be a deal breaker on the diet.

Today was a 5:2 fast day.

Probably a bit over 600 calories today but not much.

We each had a 400 gram baked potato. Which sounds (and is) big but only counts for about 373 calories.

We also had a can of tuna each which adds another 178 calories.

That was turned into a tuna crunch by chopping in some red onion and some celery.

Then soya yogurt instead of mayonnaise and some grated black pepper.

Possibly surprisingly neither of us really noticed that this was made with yogurt not mayo.

Expect this to crop up on the meals eaten again!