Waterfall Diet Diary Day 24

Day 24, Wednesday 1st October

Weigh in: 12st 8.6lb (176.6lb or 80.3kg), 21.2% body fat.

Weight down 0.2lb which is in the right direction although nothing spectacular.

Not long now until the first week of testing (wheat) begins. Just bought some Shredded Wheat, ready for breakfast from Monday. Almost got Weetabix but it’s got sugar (in various forms) and salt added so that rules it out.

A bit of walking around town, lots of water and herbal tea drunk.

Breakfast was muesli with soya milk and a banana chopped into it.

Some nuts and dried fruit for lunch.

Evening meal: brown rice, curry made with leftover chicken plus the usual onion, garlic, can of tomatoes, half a can of coconut milk and curry powder. Plenty for two with some left over.