Waterfall Diet Diary Day 25

Day 25, Thursday 2nd October

Weigh in: 12st 8.2lb (176.2lb or 80.1kg), 21.0% body fat.

Down 0.4lb after a relatively normal day’s food yesterday – I’m pleased about that.

It’s very nearly time for the wheat test – the first of the 4 tests starts on Monday.

A bit of walking around town today, probably an hour or so in total.

The usual water and herbal tea so I’m still keeping my fluid intake up.

Muesli, soya milk and banana for breakfast.

Lunch didn’t really happen.

Evening meal was a massive baked potato (about 500 grams) and we extended the leftover chicken curry from yesterday with some prawns and about half a can each of tomatoes and coconut milk plus some more curry powder. A very ample meal.

Tomorrow I’m driving down to the Forest of Dean – our Scouts are camping for the weekend.

Since the food won’t meet the requirements of this diet – there’ll be wheat, dairy, yeast and eggs involved – I’ll be making my own food and taking it with me.

The plan is to have breakfast (muesli again) and lunch (baked sweet potato, oven cooked fish, peas) here tomorrow and cook or prepare what I’ll be eating over the weekend.

The aim is to have:

  • Rice salad – brown rice, peas, sweetcorn, spring onion, probably some raw onion, pepper, maybe some other spice
  • Potato salad in a yogurt based sauce with some dried herbs
  • Buckwheat salad – much the same as the rice salad but with buckwheat which is apparently completely unrelated to wheat
  • Prawns in a yogurt based Marie Rose sauce
  • Tuna crunch – tuna, yogurt (again!), onion, spring onions
  • Coronation chicken – chicken, yogurt, curry powder, raisins and probably some turmeric to give it the yellow colour

I know this is based a lot on yogurt – which will be goats milk yogurt – but it makes for easy food to take with me rather than having to find a space for a pan for one person.

I’ll also be eating some fruit over the course of the weekend and if I feel peckish some nuts and dried fruit.

I’ll be taking along some herbal tea so that I don’t get tempted by coffee.

Next update is likely Sunday or Monday.