Waterfall Diet Diary Day 29

Day 29, Monday 6th October

Weigh in: 12st 9.2lb (177.2lb or 80.5kg), 20.3% body fat.

Up 1lb since I last reported on here and 0.8lb since Friday’s weigh in.

Meals were as planned before I went away despite helping look after 30 Scouts and watch them prepare all sorts of nice food such as bacon, sausages, egg and fried bread for breakfast; cheese, ham, mayo, crisps and more at lunch time; curry (or chicken stew) in the evening followed by apple or cherry pie. Not to mention coffee!

There were times when I was tempted but it would have been daft to throw away almost 4 weeks of following the Waterfall Diet this far. So I ate the food I’d prepared as planned and when I got back on Sunday, I had Sunday roast chicken with my friend.

Today is the first day of the wheat test.

Breakfast & lunch both consisted of Shredded Wheat, soya milk and fruit.

Evening meal was a curry made with the leftover chicken with my friend accompanied by wheat pasta. Not a normal curry option but it worked OK and made sure that we’re both fully testing wheat.

Plenty of water and fruit tea.

Tomorrow’s weigh in will give some idea as to whether wheat is the culprit although, even if it does for either of us, we’ll be testing wheat for at least one more day just in case it’s a fluke result.