Waterfall Diet Diary Day 9

Day 9, Tuesday 16th September

Weigh in: 12st 11.6lb (179.6lb or 81.6kg), 23% body fat.

Nicely down 2.4lb, fat percentage down a bit as well.

So it’s not corn that’s the culprit – would have been odd if both myself and my friend were intolerant to it but need to check.Maybe it was still our bodies adjusting after the water fast.

We’re also wondering if there’s a delay in the weight gain – that wouldn’t be totally surprising – in which case tomorrow is the same gap after king prawns as the previous time.

Today: another 5:2 style fast day so lots of water & herbal tea, celery drink in the evening. Another walk in the day: getting slightly faster and we’re both noticing we’re a lot less out of breath at the top of the hill.

Evening meal: roast chicken seasoned with pepper, mashed potatoes (just potatoes, no liquid added), vegetables, onion gravy made with the chicken juices after separating out the fat and vegetable water and thickened with cornflour.