Waterfall Diet Diary Days 30 – 36

Day 36, Monday 13th October

Weigh in: 12st 10.0lb (178lb or 80.9kg), 21% body fat.

Up 0.8lb since I last reported on here.

Last week was busy so I didn’t get a chance to post daily but this was the wheat test week and my weight didn’t fluctuate much. It varied daily between 12st 8.2lb and 12st 9.6lb, then went up a pound on Sunday morning to 12st 10.6lb but that was after a non-wheat day.

So, along with my friend, wheat isn’t the culprit.

For the 5 test days, I had Shredded Wheat and soya milk plus some fruit for breakfast and lunch.

On the Monday, we had our regular leftover chicken curry but with wheat pasta.

Tuesday the leftover chicken curry again (lots of chicken left!) extended with prawns and, again, with wheat pasta.

Wednesday: roast chicken, mashed potato (just potato and pepper), peas and gravy. Two Matzos all-wheat crackers to keep the wheat test as high as possible.

Thursday: baked potato, tuna crunch (made with soya yogurt), two Matzos crackers.

Friday: a stir fry with brown rice, fish, onion, carrot, spring onions; three Matzos crackers.

Saturday: porridge with soya milk for breakfast; prawn Marie Rose (soya yogurt instead of mayo) with potato salad for lunch; baked sweet potato, frozen salmon fillet, onion and peas for evening meal.

Sunday: porridge with soya milk for breakfast; Sunday roast for lunch.

Dairy test starts today so cow’s milk with my cereal, probably some cheese later today, maybe some cow’s milk yogurt.