Waterfall Diet Diary Days 45 – 51

Day 51, Tuesday 28th October

Weigh in: 12st 10.8lb (178.8lb or 81.3kg), 21.9% body fat.

Down 0.2lb, fat percentage up 1.3% (but that varies quite a bit anyway).

Which means the egg test is fine.

Only yeast left to go!

My weight during the egg test was consistent – almost all the days were 12st 10.8lb with the exception of one day where it dropped to 12st 9.4lb.

Flatulence wasn’t a problem during the egg test week.

Thinking about it, historically we’d have found and eaten eggs for as long as there were birds laying them. So they’ll have been part of our diet for as long as we’ve been eating food. Whereas dairy and agriculture will be much newer additions to our diet.

Likewise, we’ll have been eating yeast for as long as we’ve been eating fruit – it’s the “bloom” on some fruit – so in theory it should be less of an issue to us.

This week will find out for me!

For the 5 test days, I had either scrambled or hard boiled eggs for breakfast.

The first 4 days I had home made unleavened bread with them – made from rye flour and water, kneaded together for what seemed like forever, then rolled out and cooked for a minute or so per side in a dry frying pan until it showed brown bubbles on each side.

I also had a hard boiled egg for lunch on the second day but was getting egged out after that so just had them for breakfast. Other lunches were nuts and dried fruit or non-wheat crispbread and peanut butter.

Once again, evening meals were close to previous weeks but this week no prawns were added.

We’re already thinking about what to test next if none of the 4 main likely culprits show up.

Or whether the 4 weeks of none of the possible problem foods gave our immune system enough of a reboot for the problem foods to no longer be a problem.