Waterfall Diet Diary Days 52 – 56

Day 56, Sunday 2nd November

Weigh in: 12st 12.4lb (180.4lb or 82kg), 21.1% body fat.

Yesterday was actually the end of the test and I ended at 12st 10.4lb which is 12.6lb lower than when I started.

The 2lb weight gain this morning could be for a number of reasons – I had bacon sandwiches for breakfast (i.e.  bread – wheat and yeast). And bacon has salt as one of it’s ingredients, so that could be some of the gain back as salt is a factor in water retention. Also I didn’t drink anywhere near enough fluid yesterday so that could be another factor.

During the week, yeast daily and my weight varied between 12st 10.4lb and 12st 10.8lb except Friday when it dropped to 12st 9.8lb. Essentially flat which means yeast isn’t an issue.

Daily menu – much the same as the previous week except for the addition of a hot drink made with no added salt yeast extract and boiling water. And most days some Brewer’s Yeast tablets when I remembered them.

This weekend we’re both adding in pork and adding back wheat, yeast and (for me at least) eggs in the mayo. Plus we both had a coffee (latte) with soya milk yesterday.

We’re also planning to do a 3 day coconut oil “fast” Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday with the idea of hitting anything else that’s still lurking in our systems.

Coconut oil is supposed to be excellent for that – it needs to be the extra virgin type for best results.

I’ve put the word “fast” in quote marks as we’ll actually be consuming almost 250 grams of coconut oil per day: 35 grams at approximately 2 hourly intervals starting at 7am and ending at 7pm. Calorie intake will be around 2,155 per day so we won’t exactly be starving.

I’ll update this diary once we’ve done that.