Weight Loss That Actually Works in the Real World

Every weight loss plan could be summed up in one sentence:

Eat less calories than you use.

Of course, that wouldn’t sell a 300 page book so the authors need to fluff it up with reasons, scientific evidence and yet more reasons. Plus maybe some case studies and probably some recipes and meal plans.

Look at the diet books on your bookshelf, Kindle and wherever else you’ve got them stored and you’ll see that’s true.

I know, I’ve been there, done that.

I’ve been working on my personal weight loss since at least 2001 (that’s when I started a spreadsheet to keep track) but have recently been consistently losing weight without cravings…

Years ago, I followed the F-Plan. High fibre, filling but a bit anti-social and not always easy to stick to.

I’ve used the Zone Diet – again, not particularly easy in my opinion.

Atkins (low carb) worked for a bit but hit a plateau and anyway I got bored with it. Even I can’t eat bacon and eggs for breakfast every day.

Harcombe sounded plausible but was awkward and the headaches from caffeine and sugar withdrawal weren’t pleasant.

Paleo is OK but limiting.

5:2 Fasting worked but was awkward and I tended to more than make up for the fast days the rest of the week.

Juicing worked but was messy, expensive for the juicer and didn’t feel like real food.

So, what’s changed?

Almost a year ago I met up with a nutritionist and went through a very strict 26 day program. I started the program at 15st 6.5lb (way above what I should be for a 6′ tall male) and by the end of it I scraped in at 13st 13.5lb.

Then came Christmas and I did what everyone does in the festive month and piled on the pounds. So I started 2013 at 14st 10lb and hovered around that kind of weight until the start of August (14st 13.4lb on 5th August 2013).

My weight was bugging me.

I had a few days of juicing – I did that with a friend and the weight came off incredibly fast: 14st 5.6lb on 11th August.

But juicing is messy and seems very wasteful – we were throwing away stacks of pulp and drinking a green gunge that would probably keep the Hulk happy, tasted OK-ish but wasn’t really food.

So we moved back to something close to the idea of the 26 day program, except cutting down to 1 meal a day at around 600 calories. Extreme but it works so long as you’re healthy in the first place.

But that really is extreme and most men would lose weight steadily at around 1,500 calories per day, women a bit less at maybe 1,200 (it sounds sexist but it’s just biology). A bit more if you exercise regularly.

What do you need for a weight loss plan?

  • Kitchen scales – you’ll be doing more of your own cooking, so you’ll need to weigh stuff.
  • Bathroom scales – mine are Salter scales from Argos but there are cheaper ones in Amazon. They measure in 0.2lb intervals, useful on days where you’re near a plateau.
  • A cook book or two. I’m going to thoroughly recommend two from the Hairy Bikers: Eat for Life and Love Food and Lose Weight. The recipes are tasty, calorie counted and really nice. I don’t know of another diet book that includes Beef Goulash, Chicken Jalfreizi, Lasagne and even Cornish Pasties.

What else helps?

  • A spreadsheet. They say what gets measured gets done and that’s definitely true for weight loss.
  • A blood pressure monitor is a good idea. I use a wrist version as it’s easier and less daunting than the ones hospitals use.
  • Maybe a daily multi-vitamin if you think it will help or if your food variety isn’t as good as it could be.
  • Someone to report your weight to. That could be on Facebook, texting or Skyping a friend, whatever. But there’s something about going public that helps with weight loss.
  • The willpower not to cheat if at all possible. Sure, there’ll be days where things don’t go 100% to plan. But that doesn’t mean it’s all over. It just means you’re human.
  • The ability to cook. Nothing complicated – the recipe books above aren’t in the Delia Smith “How to boil an egg” category but they’re not complicated. And with practice you’ll get better.
  • Staying off the hidden calories. Cutting down on alcohol is a good start. The same goes for sugar – hence cooking for yourself rather than buying ready made food or takeaways. Lay off fruit juice and smoothies. And cut out fizzy soft drinks or dramatically reduce your consumption. That goes for diet fizzy drinks as well – our bodies don’t know the difference between artificial sweeteners and real ones, so diet fizzy drinks mess with our systems probably more than regular ones.
  • Gradually reduce caffeine. Going cold turkey is painful, so cut down. Starting with just cutting back later in the day.
  • Realising that this is a change forever, not just for a few weeks or months. It’s not hardship (especially with the Hairy Biker recipes) and your health and longevity depend on it.
  • Maybe a mentor. Which could be me, a close friend, whoever. If they’re going through the process with you, even better, but it’s not essential. Sometimes it’s as simple as having someone to talk to/at.

If you did use me, this wouldn’t involve hypnosis unless you wanted it to.

I’ve lost the pounds (and shrunk 4 jeans sizes from 38″ to 32″) without hypnosis. You can too.

We’d meet up in Cheltenham – either on neutral ground like a coffee shop or at my place.

And we’d go through where you wanted to get to and what you needed to do.

The initial session would take about an hour and then there will be some follow up sessions to help you keep on track. I won’t be watching over your shoulder but it will be the next best thing.

If you think you’d benefit from a weight loss session that’s real world and actually works, give me a call. The mobile is best: 07967 478272. Or you can use the contact form if you prefer.

If you can’t get to me in Cheltenham then there’s the option of downloading some weight loss hypnosis tracks here.

Or we could work on Skype if you prefer.

Whatever happens, I wish you the best of health!